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Hope everyone had a great Easter and received lots of chocolate treats. The Easter Bunny certainly came for Izzy where she received lots of Likit Easter treats!

March began with a show jumping lesson with my instructor where we were practising grids to improve my straightness into fences. Unfortunately, Izzy just knocked a pole as my line was awful so Viv took away my saddle!!!! And made me do it bareback. It was great fun though!
Megan Mar 1Megan Mar 2
The next weekend, we had more show jumping with the pony club teams and the Dengie Area Rounds at Eaglesfield EC. My team came overall 5th which was great and in the Dengie we finished on just 2 poles. I was so proud of her as it was our biggest course out competing at 95cm.
Megan Mar 3
Another weekly lesson came and went, working hard on getting Izzy to do some posh, dressage lengthened strides in preparation for the British Riding Clubs KBIS Novice Championships in April. Nearer the end we managed to get a few strides but still got lots to work on!

Then we had great fun out x-country at Gasstons jumping in 2 of the classes. We were far too fast to be placed in the first class however, my sister and I won the pairs class together. Izzy was looking very smart in her Likit Numnah and sparkly pink and purple glitter hearts which were shining in the sun.
Megan Mar 4Megan Mar 5
Izzy’s old, old owner who owned her from 4 months to 4 years made contact over YouTube and she sent over pictures of Izzy when she was just a baby- wasn’t she cute?!
Megan Mar 6Megan Mar 7Megan Mar 8
The Easter holidays have begun and my Dad still hasn’t got his holiday in the sun, although we did have a night away by the beach! So I guess that kind of counts?

Through my riding club, we attended some dressage training with a different instructor Jackie Stevens. A really good lesson where she picked up on some things for Izzy and I to work on.

Finally, at the end of the month we went to the first pony club rally of the year. Practising over more grids and flatwork, it was great to catch up with my pony club friends in the beautiful sunshine.

As usual, Izzy loves her Likit so much that even at shows she chooses to lick her mini Likit on the ground instead of eating the grass around!

Until next time, I hope everyone is enjoying spending time with their ponies in the spring sunshine- Izzy and I definitely are!

Megan and Izzy x
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Written by Megan Long, #teamlikit at 13:00, 11 April 2016


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