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Well, this is our last official Likit blog :( Can’t believe where the year has gone!!

Izzy and I have had an amazing time at pony club camp where Izzy was jumping well and did not tire thanks to her constant supply of Likist.

We left camp, let Izzy have a night in her own bed before leaving for the BRC Animalife National One Day Event Championships at Swallcliffe where Izzy and I had previously qualified in the 80cm. We drove up the night before to get Izzy settled with her Likit in her stable as well to walk the long, hilly cross country course. I was shattered even after walking it so could relate to how Izzy would be feeling the next day when we rode it! Luckily we made it round, thanks to the Likit Electro-Bar fed in between the phases. Izzy rode a pleasing dressage test scoring 26 and then jumped a clear in the show jumping. The cross country course was probably one of the longest and most ‘proper’ courses I have done so was going really well until she spooked at a man in a deckchair which then messed things up for the next fence! Either way, I was delighted to finish 8th out of a strong championship class. Very proud of Izzy and she was rewarded with her favourite cherry Little Likit in her Tongue Twister when we got home.
Megan Aug1Megan Aug2
Later, Izzy and I attended a dressage lesson with Jackie Stevens at Bookham Riding Club Field where we were working on circle sizes, which believe it or not, getting the perfect 20m circle proves to be tricky! Afterwards we also popped a few jumps and she was flying in her Likit numnah.
Megan Aug3Megan Aug4
Following this, we both had a well-earned rest with a holiday. I spent a week on the Isle of Weight while Izzy was enjoying her field but couldn’t resist a bit of horse orientated fun as the only sight of a horse was in a distant field! So whilst on the beach I made this…
Megan Aug5
There have also been a couple of pony club rallies which we have attended and the other day I passed my PC B Test!!

Finally towards the end of the month, I took Izzy show jumping at Felbridge for a bit of fun. She stormed round both the 80 and 90cm to do two double clears. This left us 8th in the 80cm out of a strong class of 40+ and 4th in the 90cm- lots of Likit deserved then.
Megan Aug6Megan Aug7
Have been following Likit’s search for sponsored riders and have loved watching all the sponsorship videos. Just remember to head over to the Likit website to vote for your favourites- hurry, the voting is almost over!

So this is the final blog and just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone at Likit for all the support and Likit given for Izzy- she has enjoyed the constant supply so much and we will still promote Likit to everyone!! Good luck to the new ambassadors- you will have a great year.

Megan & Izzy x
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Written by Megan Long, #teamlikit at 14:00, 01 September 2016


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