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The Sun is finally beginning to shine and I think Summer is on it’s way (hopefully!!) April began with show jump training at Coombelands EQ with my Pony Club. We were practising over courses of 85-90cm in preparation for our first One Day Event there next month. Izzy was flying them nicely in her Likit white numnah and received lots of Likit Snaks as a reward.
Megan Apr 1Megan Apr 2
At the beginning of half term, we tried out a new x-country course, Waggoners. A really good venue on a surface with a water complex and gallops!!! We had great fun cantering through the water and over the gallops which Izzy really enjoyed.
Megan Apr 3
Throughout the month, we also attended several pony club rallies which mainly focused on lots of grids to get Izzy picking up her feet.

Next week we went to the British Riding Clubs KBIS Novice Winter Championships held at Keysoe EQ to represent our riding club, Bookham RC. We drove up the night before ready for the dressage in the morning. Izzy warmed nicely but when we entered the arena, she became very excited and tense. There were four arenas next to us so think that was why! We finished on a respectable score as it was also a Novice which we aren’t as experienced with. She coped with the atmosphere, flags and crowd really well- even if she did want to visit the people in the viewing gallery!!!
Megan Apr 4Megan Apr 5
Izzy and I have been entering the National Schools Equestrian Association new pop-up dressage series for the past couple of months. We gained enough points throughout the league to leave us 3rd in the prelim section which qualified us for the Champs so we headed up to Bury Farm for the champs later that month. Much to my delight, the champs were on a Friday which meant I got a day off school! We came 8th overall so I was very pleased.

We finally got around to putting up Izzy’s Likit Tongue Twister which she LOVES. Once she figured out what to do with it, there was not stopping her! One time, she even manged to get her cherry Little Likit (her favourite flavour) out of the holder; so I put it back in but Izzy then manged to jam the tongue twister so she could lick the other side. Cleaver mare!!
Megan Apr 6
Well that’s what we did throughout April! What has everyone else been up too?

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Written by Megan Long, #teamlikit at 10:00, 10 May 2016


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