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Name: Madeleine (Maddie) Stout
Age: 17
Name/Age/Height of Pony/Horse(s) and a bit about each of them:

Name: Jet Show Name: Sweet Jenny
Gender: Mare
Age: 10
Breed: Irish Sports Horse
Loves: Likit Snaks + Showjumping
Hates: Standing still -

Name: Dude
Show Name: Rebel Dude
Gender: Gelding
Age: 8
Breed: Thoroughbred
Loves: Mint Likits + Cuddles
Hates: Plastic bags

In which Disciplines do you compete? I compete in British Eventing, Pony Club Eventing, Dressage and Showjumping.

When did you first become interested in horse riding and why? I first rode a horse when I was 3 in Australia, where I lived for two years, I went on trail rides being led, which are my very first memories of riding. I loved jumping and dreamed of having my own pony and going to the Olympics when I was older. When we got back to England, I rode at riding schools on and off until I was 10. I got my first pony, Breeze, joined my pony club Garth Hunt and started competing when I was about 11.
Maddie Q1
What is your greatest achievement to date in your chosen discipline? My greatest achievement so far is training my pony Mai from a half broken just 4 year old, to teaching a new rider the ropes of showjumping at age 7. Although it was hard work it was very rewarding. Also coming 4th at the Novice PC SJ champs in 2015 (my first ever competition on Jet), getting a double clear in my first BE100 on Jet and competing Dude in his first ever competition, first BE80 and 90.

What do you hope to achieve with your pony/horse in 2016/2017? I hope to compete Jet in a BENovice and qualify for the PC Dengie Winter League and Hickstead Teams. I also want to bring Dude back into work and do his first BE100 and Novice.

Which of the Likit toys and treats are your favourite and why? I love the Likit Snaks as they are perfect for rewards and putting in the Snak-a-Ball, which will entertain my horses for hours. I also love the Boredom Breaker as it really helps Jet when she gets stressed in her stable.

Finally, if you could spend the day with any professional equestrian who would it be and why? I would love to spend the day with Pippa Funnell, ever since I can remember I have looked up to her as rider and sportsperson. I think she’s such an incredible rider and person, she stays so humble through all her amazing success’. I saw her at Burghley in 2012 and she was riding Redesigned bareback up to the trot up as if it was just an everyday event, and wished her good luck! It would be my dream to ride as well as her one day!

Written by Maddie Stout, #teamlikit at 14:30, 08 October 2016


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