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Name: Flo Carter
Age: 15
Name/Age/Height of Pony/Horse(s) and a bit about each of them:
Towie is a 14.2 9 year old ConnieX who loves 2 things. Food and Competing! Together Towie and I compete in many disciplines such as dressage, showjumping and eventing. Our biggest achievement over summer has either been coming 2nd at the Pony Club Championships Novice showjumping or completing our first 100 ODE together, to finish just outside the placings with a clear cross country, despite being the smallest combination in the class! Here's a photo from the cross country!
Judith is a 15.2 12 y/o ThoroughbredX, I've had her 3 months now and we're having lots of fun! Judith loves attention, she loves having a fuss made of her! Over the months I've had her we've been comfortably competing at 90, with the aim to move up to 100 next season!
Disciplines you compete? Mainly eventing, with showjumping and dressage during the winter, but I'll give anything a go, from jumping with style to pairs hunter trials! I've even been seen doing a few tetrathlons (Riding, Running, Swimming, Shooting) but I've decided I much prefer it when I'm on the horse!

When did you first become interested in horse riding and why?
I was 7/8 and I was given riding lessons as a Christmas present, I really enjoyed it and I begged my mum to let me go every week, I don't think anyone thought it would take off like it did, 4 years later I got my own pony and 4 years on from that I'm juggling 2 horses! Secretly I think my mum planned it all along, as she had a horse when she was little. My dad however, is less than impressed that I turned to riding instead of hockey or netball! A photo of me after one of my first ever competitions with my first pony Harvey.
What is your greatest achievement to date in your chosen discipline?
Well I mentioned this earlier to some extent, but there are so many great moments that spring to mind! Some of the highlights of the season for me have been: Getting a 22.8 dressage at Swalcliffe 90cm ODE to finish 3rd! Finishing 3rd, 2nd, 3rd, 4th in 4 consecutive 90cm ODE's with Towie! Coming 3rd at Area 12 Novice showjumping, 4th at Area 12 Novice Eventing and 5th at Area 12 Intermediate Dressage. Getting the 2nd best dressage in my Arena with Judith at Keysoe BE90 (Just 5 weeks after getting the second worst in the arena at Hambleden!) And as I mentioned earlier, coming 2nd at the Pony Club Championships Novice showjumping or completing my first 100 ODE with Towie with a clear XC! My team at the PC Champs!
What do you hope to achieve with your pony/horse in 2016/2017?
With Towie I aim to continue the success eventing at BE90 level, with the aim to qualify for Badminton grassroots, as I believe she'd be a real contender at that! With Judith I aim to have success at BE100 level and hopefully represent my branch of the Pony Club at areas again, but this year all at Intermediate level! I'd also like to try some dressage to music on them both, as a fun alternative! And of course, more than ever, among a busy year of GCSE's, I just want to have fun!

Which of the Likit toys and treats are your favourite and why?
Towie loves the Apple and Cinnamon Likit Snaks, they're perfect for her trick training! She also loves any of the Cherry flavoured Likit products, she regularly gets through a Cherry Little Likit in her Boredom Buster! Judith likes the Little Likit Apple best, however shes still very confused by the Boredom Buster, so I often return to the Apple Likit treat bar to give her a fix of Likit treats!

Finally, if you could spend the day with any professional equestrian who would it be and why?
This is a really difficult question, as there are so many equestrians who have inspired me, such as Mark Todd and Ben Hobday. However, if I had to pick just one, I'd have to pick Jonelle Price! I would absolutely love to go cross country with her, as she is just such a talented Cross Country rider, her speed is incredible, she also seems so down to earth and lovely, I would love to meet her, and of course Classic Moet!

Written by Flo Carter, #teamlikit at 19:00, 07 October 2016


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