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This October was an amazing month for Jet and I. It started by moving Jet to college with me, which is amazing and I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to keep her at a place with such amazing facilities.

On Sunday 9th we went off to our last event of the season Littleton Manor for the BE100. Jet was very fresh that day to say the least! We had an average dressage score (for Jet!) of 40., a very unfortunate pole and a super xc round with a silly circle in front of one of the smallest fences on course as we were going a little too fast! I was very happy though as the round felt great and it was a very big 100 with some tricky questions (inc. a jump into water).
Maddie Oct1Maddie Oct2
On Wednesday 12th all my wonderful Likit products arrived! I was so excited to get home and see 5 boxes full of Likit products! I went straight back to the yard and gave Jet some and put up her new Boredom Breaker with the Mint Likit refill! She was happy as larry.
Maddie Oct3
My dog Rosie could smell all the treats in the boxes when they arrived and was very curious!
Maddie Oct4
Another exciting thing that happened was that Jet and I had our first 1.10m showjumping competition on the 22nd! I wore all my Likit gear, and looked very professional while warming up in my gilet and in the ring, we wore our white saddle cloth! She had her lovely Likit rug to keep her warm between classes. We had a good round to finish 7th, which I am very proud of as it is the biggest we have ever jumped at a competition! Jet got lots of her favourite Likit Snaks as a reward for her amazing work. I also put up her Likit Sport electrolyte refill in her Likit holder so she could replace any salt she’d lost flying over the jumps!
Maddie Oct5Maddie Oct6
Maddie Oct7Maddie Oct8
On Tuesday 25th, Flo Carter (Likit ambassador) and Romy Fryer (previous Likit ambassador), came to BCA and had a ride on Jet. We took some awesome photos and videos in all our Likit gear! (The video will hopefully be up soon). Here are some lovely photos taken by Romy:
Maddie Oct9Maddie Oct10
Maddie Oct11Maddie Oct12
Maddie Oct12
It was an amazing way to finish October! It was a brilliant month filled with lots of Likit!! I am absolutely loving being a Likit ambassador and am very proud to be on #TeamLikit!

Written by Maddie Stout, #teamlikit at 21:38, 06 November 2016


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