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Lucy Oct1Firstly, a huge thankyou to everybody who has made this possible for myself and Coletta. We are so excited to be a part of #teamlikit and look forward to being brand ambassadors over the next year. In fact, we were so excited that we had our own little party at the beginning of this month!

October hasn’t exactly been mine and Coletta’s most interesting month. Coletta has done exceptionally well this season and we felt she needed the holiday before the indoor season began.

Lucy Oct2Despite having the month off of competitions, myself and Coletta have continuing to progress with our dressage lessons each week with the wonderful Lawrence Bardoo. Lawrence has really helped myself and Coletta to bond and find Coletta’s hidden talent for dressage. In our first ever dressage show on September the 25th we managed to pick up a 3rd place with 69.78%. This is a huge achievement for us as 6 months prior to this Coletta was galloping and bucking around the arena like a headless chicken whenever I got on. Lawrence’s dedication and determination has not gone un-noticed and we are extremely grateful that he stuck with us to help put us back on track.

We have also continued to have jump lessons with our lovely instructor, and yard owner, Caroline Dent. Caroline has helped myself and Coletta to progress from jumping 60cm off the ground with great struggle to jumping around a 1.20 track a few weeks back with ease. Caroline has also been extremely dedicated and determined to set us in the right direction which is also hugely appreciated.

This month I have really focussed on bonding more with Coletta. We have beenLucy Oct3 going on lots of hacks, doing some tackles riding and going on walks with one another. I feel Coletta loves me even more now that she has lots of her favourite treats and snacks to eat haha.

Our first competition back will be on November the 5th at BCA for the Children in need charity show! I will be dressing up as Pudsey and Coletta will also have Pudsey related accessories on to show our support. We very much look forward to seeing Maddie Stout who is also a Likit brand ambassador there.

Lucy Oct4On the 18th of July we lost our beautiful pony Domino, his ‘funeral’ was held on October the 25th and is now resting in peace in our garden underneath the apple tree which was his favourite place. Domino was a huge part of the family and is very much missed by us all, including Coletta.

Loosing Domino has by far been the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with. I had gone from seeing my best buddy every single day for 6 years to not seeing him at all. I hope that someday we get to see one another again and that he is roaming the fields of heaven pain free drowning in carrots and stud muffins which were his favourite treats. Coletta has really helped me through the pain of losing Domino, even if I wasn’t feeling great or was having a bit of a tough day she was always really kind a sweet.
Lucy Oct5
Lucy Oct6I managed to meet Romy Fryer (one of last year’s brand ambassadors) and Florence Miller this month! They even trustedLucy Oct7 me to pick them up from the station and drive them to the stables (very brave of them haha). Both of them rode Coletta brilliantly and I also got the opportunity to ride the lovely Louis who is so cool! The meet ups were great and I look forward to the next meetup which will be this in November! On the right is a photo of myself riding Louis and on the left is me Florence and Louis! And then below is a rare photo of myself running/jumping with Florence riding Coletta.
Lucy Oct8
Because I know how boring reading can be to some people, I have made a video as an alternative option to show everyone what myself, Coletta & Domino got up to this season. I decided to do it based on this season as we haven’t done very much this month so doing this season would be much more interesting.
I look forward to writing a slightly more action packed blog for next month as we will be back out competing like normal!

Best wishes to everyone, Lucy & Coletta x

Written by Lucy Wallace, #teamlikit at 14:00, 02 November 2016


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