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We have been super busy lately. Since I last talked to you I have done loads! I had our pony club easter egg hunt, I did my first huntertrial, had my first minimus competition, went to Northern Ireland Working hunter festival and started games training back. Its been so much fun I cant wait to tell you about it.

We had our pony club easter egg hunt. It was sooo much fun. First we did some dressage training then we got to play some mounted games, but before we got to do many games it started lashing rain!! :( We took some shelter under trees until it passed. We were then put into pairs and brought to the forest to find easter eggs the seniors had hidden. My partner was my friend Ava and we found lots of eggs and ended up coming thrid! It was so much fun.
DSC_0142 (1)
I had my first ever hunter trial on big silver! I was very excited at first and my mammy and Auntie Nicola went around first. Then it was my turn. I did pairs with my friend Sarah. I got super nervous when we got into the starting box! At first I went in front for fences on two and three then Sarah took over leading. It was all good until Sarah got a refusal and then fell off :(! That ment I had to get big Silver to wait (and he hates waiting!!) SO when Sarah had got back up we had ended up in a pile up with other pairs and big silver was super wound up so when I asked him to go again he went flat out gallop and would not slow up. I got a fright and was really worried he would hurt himself jumping from that fast so ended up having to not finish the course:(. But it was a big day of firsts and I was proud of myself for going out.
Little Silver had been doing lots of flat work and pole work in practice for show season coming up. He has been working so hard and my Auntie Nicola is training us really well. I think its paying off!
I had my first ever Minimus competion in Wicklow on Big Silver and I did really well. I swam 3.4 lengths which is my best ever, I came first in my running heat and cross country I went clear bar one refusal at the thrid fence. But I did a really scary fence which I thought I was going to go around!! That was the highlight of my day!!! Thanks to Andy for driving big Silver down and my mammy for getting up super early to have us all at the pool by 8!!! Also big well done to all my friends who rode and did super!!
The biggest show of the year this far was a few weeks ago, Northern Ireland Working Hunter festival! This is one of my favourite shows each year because it has the Veteran classes which Little Silver does. Me and my mammy were competing and we had a super sucessful weekend! It started with me doing my first ever working hunter competetion on Little Silver. My aim was to just get around the course but we took it one better and went clear! Then in the second phase little silver spooked out of no where and I nearly fell over his shoulder! But we were super shocked when we got 4th!!! Then me and my auntie had to run to check the arena for my veteran while my mammy mounted for her working hunter. Lucky we did cause we didnt have much time!! I went into my in hand veteran and Little Silver went the best he ever has to come first and then go on to win reserve champion!! Even against a stallion!! Big Silver did good but found the ground difficult and skidded through a fence!!! My mammy didnt know if it counted as a knock or refusal cause she took the whole fence down but had still gone through the wings!!! :) The second day my mammy had another working hunter and silver had one refusal but again he was having a tough time and found the ground very slippy. I had my ridden veterans. It was a very long day and I think Little Silver was super tired, but he did well just missing his sparkle and being lazy to come 3rd!! All round an awesome weekend!!
1 NIWH fest lil silver
We are sooo busy at the moment with pony club kicked back in and lots of pony club training and passion starting off her first show season with us so Im sure Ill have lots to tell you about in May!! Talk to yo then :)

Lots of horses Laura and Little Silver. :)

Written by Laura Dunne, #teamlikit at 15:30, 24 June 2016


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