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Well my July started with Mini Camp. This is the highlight of the pony club year. This is my last year before I move onto Main camp and I was lucky to be in the top ride. My instructor Tara Patton was brilliant and we came on so much over the week. She even had us jumping over a meter! We also did lots of stable management to help us prepare for our C Test. To top off the whole week me and my friend Aine won the Junior camp cup!! I learned so so much and had great fun!! We were wrecked by the end of the week though!

However there was no time to rest cause it was straight into Equifestival. This is one of my big shows over the summer cause it has my veteran classes for Little Silver. Also this year was my first time doing the Concours De Elegance. Not only that but my Granny made the whole thing from scratch! It was AMAZING and little Silver looked amazing in it. He also won his Veteran classes!
Next was Oldcastle show. I decided that I wanted to do fun classes with Little Silver at this so I rode in the family arena and got to do some working hunters. Which Little Silver did awesome he just keeps surprising us! The most fun class of the day however was that I did the doggy dash with my Mammy's friends dog Eddie. So first I jumped the course on Little Silver then I had to jump off and run the course with Eddie. It was so much fun!!

I was so lucky to get selected for the U12s showjumping team. We first had to qualify at the area competition in Cavan. My team consisted of Me, James Murray, Lily McDowell and Bridget Mackin. We ended on a total score of zero with three of us going double clear!! That meant we were into the jump off which we hadn't expected! James, Lily and me all competed in the jump off. My team ended up third so we qualified and I came 6th individually!! We were over the moon.
U12's Show Jumping
Next then we had to attend the national championships in Mullingar. We were super nervous but excited at the same time. Our first round was on grass, it was a very tricky course and was raining lots so super slippy. Unfortunately it didn't go great for my team with two eliminated, one refusal and one clear (me!). Then it was a break for lunch and we got to have LOTS of fun a hanging out! Then onto the second round on sand and it went much better. We had three clears so ended on a great note. However unfortunately I had one time penalty as time was super tight which knocked me out of the individual placings :( It was a super day and we had so much fun though. I loved riding as part of a team and hope to make the Robbie Bailey team next year!

The end of July brought the highlight of my whole year!! We travelled all the way to England with Passion and Little Silver to compete in the Missina Showcase of Champions. The journey took hours!! It was one hour to the boat, three and a half on the boat and six hours when we got off the boat! The ponies travelled really really well and were stars the whole way. The Irish Ferries boat were super understanding and let us check the ponies halfway through the journeys, We were very grateful to them for that. The boat was also lots of fun and we even got bedrooms cause we were travelling with ponies. It was super hot over in England with it reaching 36 degrees at times so we had to be very careful to keep us and the ponies full of lots of water. Passion was funny on the journey and kept thinking it was funny to knock over her water!! It wasn't!!
When we arrived at the showgrounds my granny took part in a driving clinic with Gary Docking who is the King of driving and we settled the ponies for the night. I got to say hello to Carol Cooper who is a wonderful friend I made when she judged me three years ago. She gave me a wonderful present of a book about showing that she features in I was so grateful she is the kindest and most generous person.

Day one of the show saw me competing Little Silver. Little Silver was very bold and seemed to think he was a stallion!! He did look cool though but was tough to handle! We did great! We won 1 first, 1 second, 1third, 1 fourth 1 fifth one special and a trophy! That evening there were some fun activities for the competitors. There was a fancy dress school disco, we did a high jump and pass the parcel. I came second in the high jump!! Day one = awesome!

Day two Me and Granny both competed with Passion and Little Silver had a day off. Granny kicked off the day and did super then it was my turn. Passion was a star and I think she is a diva at heart as she loved strutting her stuff in the ring. I had two championships that night and granny had one. Granny got a reserve champion she was so excited she even hung her sash on the TV when she got home!!

I was also lucky enough to get the opportunity to hand out Likit product prizes to the winners in a class sponsored by Likit. It was an unreal experience and the announcer did a big long speech throughout the class about me and Likit products which was Awesome.

Little Silver was however show in the judge the judges class by Clive Johnston. He is one of the top show producers!! I was honoured to have him show Little Silver (who still thought he was a stallion!) and he made him look AMAZING!! They even came 3rd!! Clive told me I was doing really well and to keep doing what I'm doing!
cross jump
Day three last day :(. We had to get up really early this morning as Little Silvers class was first. It was the qualifier for the Ultimate class. There were loads in the class and I needed top 6 to qualify! I was so nervous but guess what..... I did it, I got a golden ticket!!! We also had a good few ridden classes on this day. Thankfully Little Silver was a bit calmer! We also had our Fancy dress which was my Arabian Princess that my Granny made! She is so talented and it is so beautiful. Even though Silver was very strong in that class we WON!! and I got a massive trophy! It was great cause all the entries for the class went to the Bob Champion Charity and I got to meet Bob Champion when he presented my cup! Then Carol did a thank you speech and I got mentioned in it!! Not only that but I got a special award from her! Thank you Carol I think I am the luckiest girl! We ended our show with 24 rossettes, a reserve champion,3 trophies and a massive cup!! What an amazing few days I really hope I can go again next year. Thank you to my Mammy, Nicola and Granny for bringing me I'm so grateful.

The Pony club wrapped up the year by hosting a cross jump fun day in Piperstown Equestrian Centre. We had to jump five show jumps then around the cross country then end on five show jumps. Big Silver was awesome and seemed to love the atmosphere getting a little but strong but in a good way! I ended up coming 5th so I was delighted. There was also lots of fun events like face painting, bouncy castle and games races on your feet. We did kids against parents and it was so funny!! There was even some foul play from the parents to help them win!! It really was a great way to end a super pony club season. I have been doing lots of training for my C Test in Pony club. I'm taking the test on the 10th of September and I'm really nervous. It was super tough put guess what?...... I PASSED!!!!! I was so happy and so lucky that Lorna Mooney let me borrow her pony Stranger because Big Silver went lame :( Stranger was awesome even if a little strong but I really enjoyed riding him and was super grateful to Lorna for letting me. Of course Stranger got some Likit goodies to thank him for being awesome.
C Test
In July we had a very exciting event! My mammy got engaged to Keith after a very long time!! My poor Granny thought she would never see a wedding!! I am so excited cause I get to be a bridesmaid and help with all the planning! I even cried when Mammy told me cause I was so excited! It will be so much fun! A Likit wedding??!

Our year ended with a with another new arrival. My mammy got a new horse Garfield. He is a huge chestnut at 17 hands!! He is so kind though and lovely to ride, he also has a super jump. I really enjoyed riding him but my Mammy says I'm not robbing him!!
I have had the most AMAZING year as a Likit ambassador. I am so super lucky to have been given such a great opportunity and it is thanks to them I have had such a successful and eventful year. They really have been wonderful sponsors and I can never thank them enough. The ponies have also loved the endless supply of Likits and stud muffins, they have been spoilt rotten! I wish all the new ambassadors the best of luck and all I can say is grab it with both hands and enjoy every second! Go #teamlikit

Lots of horses Laura &Little Silver

Written by Laura Dunne, #teamlikit at 17:00, 07 October 2016


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