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November has been a quiet enough month for Ben and I. November started the same as October with clipping. Ben had become a very fluffy pony again. I started clipping him but it turned into a bit of a disaster when my clippers decided to stop working! Ben was half clipped and we had a show the next day! We managed to get the clippers sorted and I finished him off early the next day.
Klara Nov1
That day was the 6th of November and we went to Dunany to do their Halloween show. We did the 75cm and the 90cm classes. When we got there I realised I accidently forgot to bring my Likit numnah! I managed to borrow a numnah off someone though so it was ok! We had a really good day out in Dunany. We came 1st in the 75cm and 4th in the 90cm with a double clear in both. I was really happy with this as it was our first 90cm together! In-between the two classes Ben and I shared his Likit rug to keep us both warm! Ben got lots of Likit Snaks for being so good!
Klara Nov2
After we went to Dunany, we didn’t really get up to much. We just hack and ride at home at the weekends. It’s very hard trying to keep Bens fitness up (and keep him sane!) over the winter due to not having the facilities to ride after school. It gets quite frustrating for both of us but were just counting down the days until the days start getting longer again!
Klara Nov3
On the 20th of November we made the trip down to Killossery in Dublin for interschool’s show jumping. We arrived a bit late and I didn’t get a chance to walk the course but we still managed to get a double clear to later find out that my time was fast and we came 4th! Ben had his Likit rug over him for the prize giving as it was a very cold icy morning in Dublin. Klara Nov4
This month I got to introduce Ben to all of his Likit toys and he has mastered all of them! I have given him almost every flavour now and they have all been a hit. Although when I first gave him a banana flavour Little Likit he wouldn’t have it but he loves the refill that’s in his stable now! I have started writing my Christmas list for Ben and I and I think the only thing Ben wants is some extra Likit! We will hopefully be out to a good few shows over December and I hopefully I am going to hack Ben home one day! Here is a summary video to show you what we got up to over November and a few clips of Ben enjoying his Likits!

Hope everyone has a nice Christmas and New Year and we'll see you again next month!
Klara & Ben x

Klara Nov5

Written by Klara Ewings, #teamlikit at 12:30, 08 December 2016


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