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Hello again, everyone! 
Mika and I have had a very exciting November!
Isobel Nov1

We started the month off with some jumping practice for the upcoming show, which I was both nervous and excited about! I attached a GoPro camera to my riding hat for an interesting angle, and I really enjoyed watching the video a few times and counting the strides! I found it a really helpful way to practice! Here's the video!

Isobel Nov2Finally the day of the show arrived, and Mika and I dressed up In our Likit gear. Our biggest achievement this month was definitely entering the competition, where we had a clear round and won a red rosette!
Isobel Nov3
I'm so proud, because I never thought Mika would be able to compete as when I first got her, she was very frightened when it came to jumping, and would often bolt over a canter pole! We were lucky enough to advertise our Likit products when out competing to lots of riders from all across the country, too.
Isobel Nov4
 Another lovely part of our November included a bareback walk to the forest, where my Dad helped film us with his drone! It was a wonderful, relaxing morning - I can't think of anything better than a long hack with my mare! The link to our video is below!

Isobel Nov5We also also lucky to have received our Likit treats, and Mika is enjoying a Likit toy in her stable! I've noticed that Mika's favourite flavours are Candycane and Honey&Camomile, but I've put up a Likit ICE right now so that she doesn't eat too many sweet ones! She's very greedy when it comes to Likit!
Isobel Nov6 Isobel Nov7Isobel Nov8Isobel Nov9
Towards the end of the month, the weather changed very suddenly and it's been terribly cold! This has meant riding in the crowded indoor arena - and wearing thick blankets!
Isobel Nov10
I've decided that Mika and I will do our best to practice our dressage test so we can compete again soon, and so I can keep her supple throughout the winter months.

Looking forward to being in touch again soon, All the best, Mika and Isobel  
Isobel Nov11 

Written by Isobel Vassilopoulou, #teamlikit at 13:30, 07 December 2016


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