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December has been a wonderful month for Mika and me! As you can see from the photos below, we were concentrating on advertising around our stables, which have over 100 horses and riders! I'm delighted to say that 5 people have bought their lucky horses Likit holders and treats after seeing our campaign!
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Isobel Dec1
We have been giving out Likit Snaks for people to try, and Mika has got so many Likits in her stable that it really stands out from the rest!
Isobel Dec2
She's never bored, as she has discovered a new method of eating a Little Likit in 5 minutes... She presses her Boredom Breaker against the wall and bites chunks out of it! (As you can see below..) I've had to move it more to the center of of her stable so she can't do that anymore. It's a LIKIT, Mika! Not a BITEit!
Isobel Dec3
Her Likit ICE (Made with Himalayan Rock Salt) is in the top Likit holder, and below it is her chewed Electrolyte Likit Sport!
Isobel Dec4
As a Christmas present I gave her a Candy Cane flavor, which she loved.
Isobel Dec5
I also thought you would like to meet Mika's new friend, Vangeli, who is a new lesson horse at our stables. As you can see, his dressage training has been coming along well (After I fell off him...At least it wasn't a long way to drop!). He's also very excited about Likits. His favorite treat is the Cherry Likit Treat Bar, and he neighs very loudly when he hears my footsteps, as he expects a piece of it every time I pass his stable!
Isobel Dec6
For Christmas, I was lucky enough to be given a cross-under bitless bridle! It has been wonderful learning to use it properly, and Mika is doing so well in it. I think she loves it because it's a lot easier for her to eat her Likit treat bars and Stud Muffins now! However, she is also given more freedom to bite me as I'm leading her to the mounting block... I think that using the bitless bridle has really helped improve my riding, as it encourages me to ride using my legs and seat more, and not to rely on the reins as much. Mika is feeling very supple and relaxed - not strong like I expected her to be! We were even able to pop over a cross pole with it, and I'm hoping that once I've practiced bitless a bit more, I'll be able to jump higher this way, too! I've decided to use it as often as possible, since I've discovered that Mika doesn't seem to need a bit at the moment.

On New Years Day, I made Mika a Likit cake to celebrate 2017! She enjoyed it so much that I thought I would share my recipe with you, so your horses and ponies can have one too!

Mika's Celebration Cake (Ft Likit Snaks)

1 grated apple
2 grated carrots
A tablespoon of honey or molasses
2 cups of Quaker Oat Flakes
Half a mashed banana
Half a sliced banana
And some LIKIT Snaks

Method: Mix all ingredients together in a bowl, keeping the sliced banana and Likit Snaks to the side for decoration. Mix until the mixture is all stuck together (you may need to add more honey/molasses) Press it into a mould of your choice (you can use a jelly mould or a Tupperware) Place the cake upside down on a plate and tap it gently until it slides out. Decorate using Likit Snaks, Sliced banana, or any other fruits of your choice. Enjoy!

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2017! From Isobel and Mika

Written by Isobel Vassilopoulou, #teamlikit at 12:00, 09 January 2017


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