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Mika and I have had a wonderful first month of being part of #TeamLikit! We were lucky enough to receive our Likit branded clothing too!
Isobel Oct2
I think the most exciting part of the month was our wonderful trip to the beach, to film our first Likit advert, since I had a week off from school for a half-term holiday! I was worried that Mika would be frightened at the beach since it was her first time ever there (in her 22 years!), but she seemed to enjoy it! She was uncertain of the waves at first but after she put her first hoof in, she was confident enough to trot through the water. Even though she an older mare, she's very strong and her trot in the water felt like a passage movement! We bounced through the waves and cantered along the shore, all in our lovely Likit saddlecloth and gilet (It was a little too hot for the blanket!). I was lucky enough to have my dad, a professional photographer help support the Likit brand by filming the video. It was really exciting, we used a drone and a camera mounted on a gimbal to take perfect clips of the products in an original, outdoor setting.  Check out the video below and here's a link to his website...

Isobel Oct4Isobel Oct5
This month Mika and I have also been practicing our dressage, focusing on keeping Mika supple and soft in a steady contact. We are looking forward to entering some competitions with our new white competition saddlecloth! So far we've had many compliments on our new Likit tack, and I'm always so proud to introduce the brand to those who don't know about it yet, whether it's online or at the stables!Isobel Oct1

Written by Isobel Vassilopoulou, #teamlikit at 13:30, 05 November 2016


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