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I can't believe it's been a year already, and 2 years since we became part of #teamlikit!

Major and I spent most of last year getting to know each other and working on our consistency around 1.05/1.10. In the autumn we qualified for the 2016 Discovery Second Rounds before moving up to 1.15. Earlier this year Major really came into his own, qualifying for Newcomers Second Rounds, the National Amateur Championships, Scope Festival and and the National Members Cup Final which is held at the National Championships. We were also selected to represent our area in the National Area Teams, where our team came 5th.

The past couple of months were a bit quieter due to my A Level exams but thankfully they are now over! I'm taking a gap year to focus on Major as he has so much more potential and I can't bear to sell him just yet! I'm also planning to do some travelling. I will then go to uni in September 2017 to (hopefully!) study Veterinary Medicine.

We have recently stepped up to Foxhunter/1.20 and aim to qualify for next years Foxhunter Second Rounds. Later this month we will go to Stoneleigh for the Members Cup Final and then to Scope Festival. The National Amateur Championships are in November. I'm also hoping we will jump out first International either later this year or the beginning of next year. I also have the dreaded A Level results day on the 18th August!!

I'm sure you remember the little grey that I sold at the beginning of last year, Yeti (who is probably Likit's biggest fan!) - unfortunately she sustained an injury at the beginning of the year and was on box rest for a couple of months. She is now recovering well and is coming back into light work. Luckily her new owners are aware of her Likit addiction so she was kept occupied during her box rest!

Here's a recent pic of Major and me - he's improved so much since last year!!
Gaby Aug 16 

Written by Gaby Struel, #teamlikit at 13:00, 04 August 2016


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