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October has been a bit of a rollercoaster for Towie, Judith and I! The month began in the worst way possible for us, getting a phone call from a neighbour to tell us that Towie was caught in our fence, she was trapped and they were attempting to cut her out of the mess she was in. The vet was out straight away, Towie had cuts and scrapes all over her back two legs, and extreme stiffness too, but in the end we were very lucky to have the amazing support from everyone, which prevented the accident getting any worse. This scuppered our plans for the weekend, where we'd planned to take both horses to Offchurch Bury for the last event of the season, but it was off the cards now. Over the next few days Towie enjoyed a lot of time in her stable with her Likit Tongue Twister to keep her occupied!

Before I knew it half term was upon us, and it was well needed too! I was treated to the luxury of a 2 week half term by my school which was great! In the half term I had a lesson on Judith with Nicole Biggs, it was really useful and afterwards Judith was rewarded with some Stud Muffins!

I also ventured down to see another Likit Ambassador, Maddie Stout and a past Likit Ambassador Romy Fryer, we all had a great time with Maddie's horse Jet, who was all geared up in her Likit Saddlecloth, I got to ride her too and it was so much fun! Jet was rewarded for putting up with all 3 of us with a Carrot Likit treat bar!
Flo Oct1
I then went to have a lesson with Richard Waygood with the Pony Club, on the whole it went well, however I did manage to take a tumble on his nicely harrowed school! I knew I was going to have to fall off Judith at some point, I just hoped it wouldn't be in front of the chef d'equipe for Team GB!
Flo Oct2Flo Oct3
Judith flying at the Richard Waygood Rally

Towie was slowly brought back into work and by the very end of October she was in full work again, she's definitely glad to be back! After her first jump I gave her some of a Mint Likit Treat bar whch she enjoyed!
Flo Oct4
We found Aston-Le-Walls had one final event for the season and decided to take Judith to that, we had a lovely preparation lesson with Sarah Hawkins, overall it was a good outing which left us finishing a few places out of the rosettes but with so much to look forward to next season! After Judith's cross country, which she jumped around with ease, she was rewarded with some Mint and Eucalyptus Likit Snaks!
Flo Oct5Flo Oct6
Flo Oct7
You can watch the video from Aston Le Walls here:

Now the eventing season is over and I've officially got the post-eventing blues, but November is sure to be a busy month! Between competitions and Mock GCSE's I'm keeping very busy, and I can't wait to tell you about next month!

Flo, Towie and Judith x

Written by Flo Carter, #teamlikit at 19:00, 08 November 2016


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