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Well December started off with a bang! I took both ponies to BCA to compete in a Prelim and Novice dressage test, Towie started the day off by doing a lovely test and going on to win the Prelim class by 7 marks! She was rewarded with some Stud Muffins!

Both ponies then went on to score a fabulous 69% in the Novice Class (even if the jockey did forget the test on Towie...!). It was a really great day out and I also bumped into Likit Ambassador Lucy Rowton-Lee, who did very well!
Flo Dec1
The next couple of weeks were taken over by mock GCSE's, results and a ski trip to France with a friend! It was a really nice way to de-stress after the last couple of months of hard work - but I was pleased to get back home to the horses just before Christmas!

Straightaway I had a Pony Club Rally with Richard Waygood which was really good! I took both ponies along and the rally was super beneficial for both of them - Both jumping fences up to 1.15m! Both Judith and Towie were rewarded with a Cherry Likit Treat bar for their good work!

Unfortunately the other rally I was supposed to attend was cancelled due to icy conditions, but I arranged a last minute lesson with Nicole Biggs where Judith and I were challenged with some tricky exercises to get us both focused!

I can't believe 2016 is well and truly over, it seems like just yesterday 2016 began. 2017 is going to be a hectic year, with GCSE's and my aims to get out competing at BE100 level, but I'm prepared for the challenge! If you want to watch a review of my 2016, and some of the success I've had with the ponies, you can watch a video of it here:
I want to finish this blog with some thank you's, to a few people who have really made my 2016, First of all I want to thank everybody at Likit for making my first few months on the team so enjoyable, and to everyone else on #teamlikit for being so lovely, I want to thank Sarah Hawkins and Nicole Biggs for being such fabulous instructors this year, I want to thank my mum for travelling to all corners of the country to get me out competing this year, I want to thank my Pony Club, in particular my DC, Hilary, for making the Pony Club such an enjoyable place! I want to thank a few special friends for giving me constant support this year: Romy, Flossie, Erin, Anna and so many more! My final 2 thank you's are perhaps the most important of them all, I want to thank Judith, for waltzing into my life 6 months ago and giving me a truly incredible, new experience! And finally I want to thank my best friend, Towie, for giving be a year that I could have only dreamed about as a little girl, taking me to nationals and eventing up to 1m, she truly is a pony who knows no limits!

So on that note, all that's left to say is I hope everybody has a fabulous 2017! Bring it on!
Flo, Judith and Towie x

Written by Flo Carter, #teamlikit at 13:00, 09 January 2017


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