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So this month I actually have some eventing to report, even if slightly unsuccessful. On the 9th I took Pheobe to Larkhill for the BE100. When I was tacking up she noticed the cross country and we ended up jogging to the dressage so I think she might be starting to enjoy the eventing world. She warmed up sweetly, but then just before I went in the steward noticed that I hadn’t had my hat retagged (stupid rider!). We then trotted all the way to the secretary’s to get this done before heading straight back and into the arena. Despite all this she still scored a respectable 35.5 so the only way is up. We then had a break while the Novices finished, but when we went over to show jump at our time we found that they were running about an hour behind. By the time we went to jump the heavens opened and being on Salisbury Plain the wind was bitter, I think poor Phoebe was wishing she was still a show jumper! She still jumped a lovely clear round even in more mud than she’s ever had to jump out of before. On the cross country she was amazing, she was loving it, ears pricked looking for the next fence until we got to the sunken road and she just ground to a halt and stared at it and felt completely confused, so we left with a big E.

The Monday after, we popped over to Tweseldown for some emergency cross country schooling and again she just didn’t seem to be able to get her head around the sunken road, but after walking around in it she got the idea, so hopefully that’s ironed out.

On the 10th I took Maria to Coombelamds for some show jumping, she had been jumping so well at home that I entered her in the 1.05 and the newcomers. She flew round the 1.05 to finish 2nd loving being back out again. I was a little concerned when I walked the course for the Newcomers that some of the jump off fences looked the same size as her at about 1.20m, but I shouldn’t have worried because she flew round again, just having 2 down in the jump off which were completely jockey error. I think she’s really loving being part of Team Likit because when we got back, she was looking for the treat tub in the lorry and demanding treats (she’s not called What a Primadonna for nothing!).
Alex April 1
I was supposed to have both of them out at Tweseldown on the 17th, but unfortunately it was cancelled because of the weather. This was probably a good thing as I had managed to fall off 2 days before and hurt my knees, riding was absolutely fine, but walking was very sore so don’t know how I would have walked the course! (I’m now stuck together with blue tape thanks to Kim from The Balanced Rider so it’s all ok)

I have just come back from 2 days of training in the Netherlands with the Dutch team ahead of the World University Championships at the end of June. On the 19th we had a dressage lesson with Claire Verheijen-Dominicus which was very informative and I picked up lots of useful tips. We had some lovely horses to ride and it was a great opportunity to ride through the test with a dressage judge. The next day we went for a ride in the forest outside Amsterdam, it was amazing, just 20mins from the city centre there are the most amazing sandy tracks, perfect for an early morning ride. In the afternoon we went up to Helviort for some jump training with Renske Kroeze another student rider who competes at three star, again we had lovely horses to ride and came away with lots of tips and things to work on. The team now have a website where you can find out some more about us and what we are doing
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I’m off to Poland at the beginning of May to compete in the SRNC, but exams are looming so it’s that time of year when ponies take a bit of a back seat, so May should be quiet but you never know! Alex x

Written by Alexandra van Randwyck, #teamlikit at 10:21, 26 April 2016


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