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As the winter months are drawing upon us (far too fast for my liking!) I have been clipping various ponies, and I must say it is very satisfactory seeing fluffy mammoths turn into sleek equines! Even though all my clothes are now covered in a sea of different coloured hairs, no matter how many times I wash them, I love how Christmassy clipping makes me feel! Sprout has had the last week of October in light work, as I have travelled to Yorkshire for half term with my friend, but made sure the cottage we are staying in has horses in the front garden! Trying to explain to mum how to put a pessoa on over the phone is one thing I never thought I would have to do… and is VERY challenging!

After our success at Littlebourne Championships, I was overjoyed with how Sprout was going!
Romy Oct5 
A week after this, we went to Quainton Stud, coming team 2nd in the 90-1m and 1-1.10m classes, Sprout flying through the course. I was very pleased with how he tackled the big tracks, clearing the 1.10 jumps better than the 1m jumps!

The next weekend, we travelled to Bury Farm to compete for our Pony Club in the 1/1.05 class. Unfortunately, Sprout was very tense and “bolted” in the ring, gaining faults, which is very unlike him, normally being level-headed when competing. This made us stop and wonder whether he was a bit sore somewhere and was running away rather than “bolting”. As soon as we got home, Mum phoned our local McTimoney Therapist and organised for her to come out and see Sprout. As advised, I did a week of gentle walk work. When our appointment finished, we found the left side of Sprout’s pelvis had dropped, which was causing him discomfort, and causing his out of character behaviour! After his first McTimoney session, he is a lot happier, back in work and loving life! Being a young pony, Sprout loves nothing more than a gallop and play in the field with his friends, but sometimes he gets a little too playful, ending up in situations like this, where he gets a nice massage and I get a severely depleted bank account!

Romy Oct1Romy Oct3
Romy Oct4Romy Oct6 

I have to say the most exciting thing in October was the arrival of my Likit packages! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I came home from school to see the small mountain of boxes on my doorstep! Transporting them all to the yard was a pretty impressive feat! Sprout managed to break into the box I have stored them in, so we had to have words about being patient, which I hope he has taken to heart! I hope that with all him new treats and toys in his stable this winter, he will not attempt to jump out!
Romy Oct2 
Hopefully everybody is winding down after summer now, embracing the mud and learning to love thick jackets and ear warmers. I have to say that this summer, Sprout and I have achieved so much more than I had ever dreamed we would, and an overview of our summer can be seen here:

Next month, Sprout and I have some dressage competitions which should set us up nicely for the long winter months schooling under the floodlights. Once Sprout has been given the all clear to jump we are headed to Charly Edward’s new yard for a long weekend so she can help us fine tune our showjumping, ready for the new year which hopefully will bring an array of shows, opportunities and lots of fun!

Until next month, I hope everybody has a haunting Halloween and brilliant bonfire night, with ponies tucked up away from the action!

Romy and (greedy) Sprout!

Written by Romy Fryer, #teamlikit at 09:00, 02 November 2015


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