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To me, November is the wind down to Christmas. I don’t compete much in November and December, this year especially as I have revision for my Mocks in January. Whilst writing this I was thinking to myself, what can I write about that people will enjoy? Then on Saturday (28th) Sprout and I went on a lovely hack through the woods. We started off down the road, in a super fluorescent Hi-Viz tabard. The first thing I noticed was the lack of care taken by drivers to slow down for Sprout and I. He was quite fresh, jogging down the road, but not one driver slowed down or even took a second glance if he spooked, which to me is very dangerous! What if he had spooked at something, and they were travelling too fast, and not watching us to ensure nobody got hurt? Even with a “young horse, please pass very wide and slow” tabard on, so many drivers are inconsiderate, but unfortunately there is a limited amount we as riders can do.

Once we got into the woods, we had a nice 20 minutes round the woods, then going past a large ditch in the woods; we spotted a woman taking her Great Dane for a walk. Sprout is very good with dogs normally, but this one was slightly different! It ran at us barking and poor Sprout didn’t know what to do, so just stood stock still in shock! Then the dog jumped up at his shoulder which sent sprout reeling away, straight back over the lip of the ditch, which was around 6 or 7 feet deep. Somehow I managed to stay on, but it was still an interesting feat getting back up onto level ground! I’ve never been so thankful for Sprout’s native breeding making him very surefooted! Once we were out, the owner of the dog apologised, which was good, but the point still stands that all animals are unpredictable, and we should always take precautions into keeping them from harm! Personally, if I am walking my dogs on a bridleway, I never let them off the lead until we are far enough away, and they know to stay near me.

On a brighter note, Sprout has been given the all clear to jump again, after his second McTimoney session, which is great! He has been coming in at night when the weather is bad, and his eyes light up when he sees all his toys, and doesn’t know which one to go to first! His favourite is his boredom breaker, and stands for hours playing with it!

We are hopefully doing a few dressage competitions over December, and hiring some arenas to bring him back up to speed before showjumping again.

My biggest achievement this month was managing to stay away from the Black Friday sales, even though I was VERY tempted! I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, see you next month!

Written by Romy Fryer, #teamlikit at 10:00, 04 December 2015


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