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Hello everyone I hope everyone has had an exciting new year. I can't wait to tell you all about mine. Since its winter and its really really cold we decided to put the horses out in the indoor arena while we muck out. They had lots of fun kicking up their heels. It had been a while since I mucked out (last winter as our ponies live out during the summer!!!) so I was a bit rusty but I had fun and I love getting Little Silvers bed just right!
I have been taking part in the Friday night jumping in Piperstown Equestrian Centre on Little Silver. We have been doing the 50's so far but hope to move up to the 60's soon. Little Silver is starting to enjoy it a bit more and we have getting more clears!! He still likes to be cheeky and run out though! PASSION PROBLEMS!!!

We have found out that my Granny's miniature Passion has been up to mischief. Since Passion is so small she shares a stable with Charlotte our horse. Charlotte's stable is divided by a gate and Passion has been opening the gate and squashing Charlotte into the corner!!! Charlotte is so polite she just stands there!! Poor Charlotte. We now have to tie the gate a different way to try stop Passion being a bully!!

At Christmas I recieved a fab Likit Selection Box and box of Stud Muffins from #teamlikit (Thanks guys!) but they didn't last long!! I left out some mince pies and Likits for Santa and Rudolf. And the next morning they were all gone!! Rudolf must like Likits!!! Also all our ponies got Likit Selection Boxes from Santa which they really enjoyed!! My Mammy and Fred got me a onsie for Little Silver for Christmas so that we can have matching Pjs when we go to shows!! It's so cute on him!!
Laura Dec5
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As its the new year it was time for all our ponies to get their teeth and backs done in preparation for the new year. Little Silver was so good and really enjoyed getting his back done. Our back man Davide Focardi really is amazing and a few years ago worked magic on Big Silver when he injured his back! Since getting his back done Little Silver is going even better than before so he must have really needed it!! All our ponies also got Mark Higgins our dentist up. Big Silver and Little Silver had a few issues her with hooks, but Mark fixed them all up and now they are going great and its really helped in them building up their condition! Mark told us Passion is still teething which means she has teeth falling out !!!! Passion also had to get her wolf teeth out in preparation for being broken to the cart! Passion was so good getting this gone although when Mark was rasping her teeth the baby ones kept falling out and my Granny ended up with a pocketful of teeth!

I had my pony club awards night at the end of December and I was really lucky and won Junior turnout for all of my activity during the year including becoming a Likit ambassador! I won a beautiful bronze perpetual trophy! We also had our yard awards and I won most determined rider and most competitive I also won a cheque for yard person of the year!! I felt very lucky and honoured! We really do have a great yard and we had a brilliant night! Thanks Brian!
IMG-20151229-WA0000Laura Dec3Laura Dec4
I'm very excited for the next few months as I've a lot of competitions coming up. Training for minimus is starting on January 29th and I'm getting really good at my swimming so I'm looking forward to that. I've also starting hard work flat work training now after taking it easy during the winter so it's all go in the yard! I hope all your horses had a great birthday and got spoilt rotten! Happy new year!

Lots of horses Laura and Little Silver
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Written by Laura Dunne, #teamlikit at 14:00, 29 January 2016


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