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We have had a very eventful October and I can't wait to tell you about it! One of the first things we did was a side-saddle clinic. The clinic was so much FUN! I rode in my normal saddle to warm up then I had to get down and take off my saddle and put on the .......SIDE-SADDLE!!! At first it felt weird and wobbly, I kept feeling like I was going to fall off the opposite side! Trot was very bouncy at the start but once I relaxed it felt comfy, but canter and walk were smooth. There were mirrors in the arena and Little Silver kept checking himself out in the mirrors!!!
Side saddle
But unfortunately before I got up we had an accident. My Mammy was supposed to ride my Auntie Nicola's horse Charlotte in the clinic, but Nicola was going to warm her up. When Nicola got up on Charlotte she stood quietly. Then all of a sudden Charlotte started to run backwards with Nicola on her :(. Things quickly went from bad to worse. Charlotte's back legs slipped out from under her and she fell onto her side with Nicola under her!! When Charlotte got up Nicola was not moving! I was sooo scared I didn't know what to do but having Little Silver really helped. Luckily Nicola wasn't injured too badly she just had lots of bruises and felt very sore for a few days and Charlotte was perfectly fine!

Unfortunately Pony Club Games training has finished for the winter :(. But I did get lots of time to practice my vault! (I couldn't do it before!) To help me my Mammy lunged Little Silver in a circle at trot while I attempted my vault. I tried a few times but wasn't close to getting it!! Then all of a sudden it just happened!! I actually did it!! I was so in shock my Auntie Nicola said my face was hilarious as I didn't expect to get it and I nearly fell off the other side!! I then did it another three times to make sure it wasn't a fluke!!! I'm really happy I can vault now! :)

On the 20th I got three massive boxes delivered!! I was so excited to open them and couldn't wait to see what was in them!! It took ages to actually open all of the boxes there was so much!! Our house smelled like Likits for the rest of the day after opening it all! I then brought everything up to Little Silver and tried on all his fancy new clothes and his yummy treats!! He looks super cute in Likit green, don't you agree?
LS and his LikitsLots of Likits

He was even trying to open the boxes himself! I then tried him with his Snack-a-Ball, he totally knows how to use it but keeps being lazy and getting me to pick up the treats and hand them to him after he knocks them out!! I am such a lucky girl and a massive THANK YOU to Likit for all the amazing products!! And of course I have shared with all our ponies.
LS playing with snak a ball 

In Piperstown Equestian Centre (Where our horses are on Livery) the owner, Brian Smith decided that all the school ponies deserved a nice fun hack as they work so hard. Everyone in the yard took a school pony, I took a little grey called snowdrop (I was the only one small enough to ride her!). She is usually lazy but not that day! She decided she wanted to go for a gallop when we were meant to be doing a slow canter.

We realised this month that Little Silver has been a trickster for the last five years!! He had us thinking he couldn't jump!! (WRONG) He CAN jump and appears to love it!! We are now jumping 80cm show jumps and even bigger out cross country!! We are both having lots of fun, but he does still like to but in the odd stop to make sure I'm awake!!

Lastly for this month we had some BIG news, but it came in a small package!!! My granny who has always wanted a pony since she was a kid finally got her wish! We would like to introduce Celticmist Absolut Passion (aka Passion). Passion is a three and a half year old, 34.5 inch, three quarter American bred silver buckskin pinto mare. She is so cute but has lots of attitude (She knows how pretty she is!) On the first day she came the other horses didn't seem to know what she was (I think cause she is the size of a dog!), but they all quickly became friends although Big Silver took a bit more time to make friends then the others (he can be a bit grumpy and not like change!). Also we quickly found out that no fence will keep Passion in! She is so small that she chooses what field she wants and runs under the fence to get to it! My granny hopes to teach her how to pull a cart and have me show her in hand next year!! Sounds like fun!
passion 2passion 

Well it's been an very eventful and fun October. Hopefully November will be the same!! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy hearing about all my horsey adventures.

Lots of horses Laura & Little Silver xxx

Written by Laura Dunne, #teamlikit at 18:30, 09 November 2015


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