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Bit of a quiet month after all the excitement of international travel in November! On the 13th December, I took Pheobe to Tweseldown for the eventers challenge. She was an absolute superstar, she hadn’t been out jumping or seen a cross country fence since early September and yet she flew round the 100 course as though she’d been eventing for years, even looking for the next fence and starting to take me. A double clear and a few time faults left us in eighth place. It was a fantastic education for her to be able to jump on grass at this time of year and to run round a short cross country course, the new team have done a fantastic job so I’m really looking forward to the next time I go.

I took both of the horses out show jumping to Wellington on the 21st, Maria jumped in the 1m and the 1.05m, Pheobe jumped in the 1.05m and the 1.10m. Although there were no clear rounds this time, mainly due to rider error, they were both really good and jumped well.

The highlight of the horse world at this time of year is Olympia and my family and I headed off on the 19th. We saw the indoor driving and I can’t believe how clever those horses are or how fast they can accelerate and turn, it was a real eye opener into another discipline. We also did quite a bit of shopping and on a visit to the Pony Club stand, found that our amazing Thunder is being used on their banner to represent endurance.

After passing my PTT in September, I have started doing some teaching for my Pony Club Branch, the Hampshire Hunt. On the 20th December I had the junior horse and pony care team come for training in preparation for the areas in February. We used Pheobe and Thunder as stable management ponies, they were both fab, Pheobe especially enjoyed being used for Points of the Horse and having labels stuck to her.
Alex Dec1
The ponies had a lovely Christmas, thank you so much for their selection box and stud muffins. They all enjoyed Likits on Christmas day, the Snak a Ball was great for Maria as it kept her going for ages, she is quite greedy and has a tendency to eat the larger Likits in one bite! Thunder and Pheobe are less greedy and enjoyed Mint and carrot flavour Likits.
Alex Dec2
One last exciting thing has happened this month, I have just received an email from the Dutch Student riders, saying that after my performance in November I have been selected for the A Squad for the World University Championships, which will be held in Sweden in the summer! Fingers crossed that over the next few months I can keep it up and eventually make the team, but we will have to wait and see.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and a happy new year. Alex x

Written by Alex van Randwyck, #teamlikit at 14:00, 08 January 2016


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