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September brought us the highs and lows of the horsey world! We had a great time at the beginning of the month with all the boys going really well in their lessons with Alice Peternell. Alfie was busy showing off how well he could go for his age (all be it fuelled with Likit Electro-Bar!)  by sporting his 25 year old age badge for his lesson with ‘Aunty Alice’...

Proud Oct1

Schmaul then put all the hard work into practise when he qualified for The Badminton Grassroots championship 2015 on the 13th September. I am super excited for this, having been there before with an owners horse, I know what a fantastic atmosphere it is there and how special it feels to be galloping and jumping on the grounds of Badminton House! It will be so good to be taking Schmaul there, a horse I have brought on since he was just 4 (now 7). Here he is proudly sporting his Likit gear after qualifying!

Proud Oct2

On the 14th September we took Elzas XC schooling, his first proper experience of the ‘solid’ jumps! He was a star and took everything in his stride even leading another horse through the water complex! Unfortunately our session didn’t end all that well when something blew over in the middle of the field...Elzas went one way and I went the other...oops! A very silly little fall that meant a broken arm! Thinking it was just a silly little fall I thought I’d be up and back on again, but when I looked at my left arm it wasn’t doing what I was telling it to do! It was a painful 1 hour 30 mins drive home in the horse lorry and then a further 40 minute drive in the car to the nearest hospital (Yeovil).

When we arrived at the hospital I still had my rather expensive Racesafe Body Protector and Point Two Air Jacket on, realising that unless I took them off myself in the waiting room they would be cut off...much to the amusement of everyone else sat waiting in the hospital my mum and I just about managed to get them off (although mum went slightly paler in colour when my arm moved with the body protector just above my elbow!)

The radiographers were very impressed with my break, as they say down in here in Somerset, I’d done a ‘properrr job’ of breaking my arm!

Proud Oct3

This all happened just a week before returning back to uni (where I study physiotherapy). In the future I hope to opt out of such a practical learning experience for the sake of my degree! 2 weeks following my break I had to have an operation to fix my arm, this didn’t quite go to plan and I ended up being in theatre for 5 hours (2 hours longer than expected!!).  I should think any farrier would be impressed though with the metal work now in my arm...

Proud Oct4Proud Oct5

Feeling a bit down and groggy after the op, the weekend following I was invited to Bricky Horse Trials for lunch by Sally Munden (The lady who owned Hoodie, a horse I used to ride). I was surprised to get there and find that Hoodie and I were the cover stars for the horse trials programme! It was lovely to be out of the hospital and almost back to normality...surrounded by horses and fantastic friends! (Below hoodie and I as the cover stars for Bricky Horse Trials)

Proud Oct6


I spent the beginning of October feeling frustrated that I was missing the last events of the season, where I was hoping to be taking Elzas out for his first event and the last of the Olympia qualifiers with Alfie L. Despite getting the cast off and having it changed for a moveable brace it was very frustrating how I wasn’t really able to do anything I wanted to do...I couldn’t even tie my own hair up!! The beginning of the month also brought HOYS. I previously did showing so have lots of friends that travelled there to compete...I reminisced on the fantastic times we had whilst showing and the amazing pony I had called Dobbie who took me there when I was just 9 in the middle height workers and we were placed 9th! He took me to HOYS every year that we had him and was placed every time! Here are a few pictures of the superstar Dobbie (Georgian Dorian), everyone’s favourite little pink pony!

Proud Oct7

With the horses all now turned away for an earlier than expected holiday I got to see lots of family that I don’t normally get to see as we are always so busy with the horses! My little cousin Katie, who is also pony mad came to stay and was very grateful for the Likit treats I sent her home with (shhh don’t tell Schhmaul!). We also had an afternoon carving pumpkins ready for Halloween, here is my horsey inspired attempt...!

Proud Oct8Proud Oct9

Taking full advantage of my new elbow brace, I also went to a Halloween party dressed as a ‘half robot person’. Unfortunately in decorating my elbow brace appropriately I forgot I was then going to have to sport the same thing every day on public transport into uni and then walk round uni with it on! However I now feel ready for winter dressage with my newly ‘blinged up’ brace! #dressagediva?!

Proud Oct10


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