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Alfie and Schmaul are currently still on holiday as they had such a long season, but for Elzas it was all systems go at the beginning of November as I just couldn’t wait any longer to ride! I started by giving Elzas a quick lunge to make sure he wasn’t going to be too excited when I finally got round to riding him…he was a very good boy so mum and dad both agreed that I could start riding again! I gave him a little trot round the school and he behaved really well, especially for a 5 year old that was only backed at the beginning of this year!

Emily Nov1Emily Nov2

Having given him a gentle trot round as a kind of ‘test ride’ in the school, it was then on to four weeks of road work! Exciting for both of us to start with, but we were soon bored of being restricted to walking round the roads…I know I certainly wanted to get on with it! I have to say though everything was made a little less boring by the beautiful countryside we are surrounded by here, and the gorgeous ears of Elzas!

Emily Nov3

Elzas seems to be pretty pleased to be in from ‘holiday’, being ridden and getting his Mint and Eucalyptus Likit treats for being a good boy! So much so he spends a lot of time giving me kisses, obviously because he loves me!? (not just because he gets a few Likit treats for doing it?) Click here to see me getting kisses for Likits...

The end of November brought this strange shopping thing called ‘Black Friday’, something I have never heard of before, but everyone had got rather excited about it, so Dad and I went to our local tescos to see what it was all about! Living in such a small place, the local shop had a total of three people stood outside waiting for it to open and only a few items on sale inside, very boring and we came out with a couple of croissants for breakfast (they weren’t even cheap croissants!). Schmaul was also very busy at home telling everyone how he must get to the shops before they opened as he was desperate to get a Zonkey for half price….he was another here at Proud Eventing who hadn’t quite got the hang of this Black Friday shopping! Although I must agree with him, Zonkeys are VERY cute….

Emily Nov4

We did however take the horse lorry out on Black Friday, but this wasn’t to go and pick a Zonkey up, but my new horse ‘Locky’. Not quite what Schmaul was expecting to see get off the lorry and he couldn’t quite believe his eyes when he got a new next door neighbour!

Emily Nov5

Locky is a very big 4 year old Westphalian. He is rather handsome, I know I can’t help but stop and stare when his head appears over the stable door! He was quite shy when he first arrived and missed all his friends from where he used to live, as he was from quite a busy yard, where he was surrounded with LOADS of other horses! But with a little bribery from a few Likit treats and the introduction of the Likit holder, he is now all settled in here as a part of team Proud Eventing! Heres a video of his first taste of a Likit…The Blueberry flavour!
[Locky and his Likit]

And here are some pictures of the handsome boy!

Emily Nov6Emily Nov7

The Boys are all looking forward to Christmas and getting out to some training and hopefully some competitions….I on the other hand am hoping the days go by slowly, with the return to uni approaching rather too quickly in January!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas, filled with fun and treats for you and your horses and ponies!

Emily and the boys x

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