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The team here at Proud Eventing have had a fairly relaxing July with only a few competitions and lots of training and fitness. The horses have spent their time being very spoilt with all their Likit Products and are definitely showing how happy they are with all their goodies!

Elzas the youngest member of team Proud has been working hard on his jumping having been out clear round jumping, practising courses in the field at home and doing some grid-work. His flatwork is really advanced for just a baby and learns so quickly, we just need to work on getting more experience in the jumping! We have put the Likit Boredom Buster up in his stable and it keeps him entertained for hours, we have definitely noticed a much tidier stable now that he has this! I tried to get a film of him attempting it but didn’t have much luck as he had to stop and pose when he spotted the camera (here are the pictures to prove it!)

Alfie at 25 is still showing all the young boys how to do it, winning his second round senior plus class over in Wales meaning he maintains his 100% first place record! Unfortunately we didn’t get our Olympia ticket this time, Alfie was again second reserve. He still was placed above many other much younger horses and got some lovely rosettes, but we still would like an Olympia ticket!!

Schmaul has now fully recovered from his foot puncture wound from the end of June and has been out competing showing us all how much he is a cross country ‘machine’ living up to his name #MtheMachine! We took him to Launceston BE down in Cornwall where he flew round the XC well under the optimum time for 8th place.

We have since been doing lots of training and fitness which involves a lot of road work to make sure his legs are up to the eventing Job! For me this gets rather tedious but Schmaul seems to always make me Laugh… A new mirror has been put up on our routine road hack and Schmaul decided to check it out (or himself?!). This is the result….

Hope that everyone is well and all your horses and ponies are enjoying the summer!

Lots of love

Emily and the Gang! x



Written by Proud Eventing, #teamlikit at 12:00, 08 August 2014


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