Most Beautiful Rides in the UK

The lovely folk at Edgemere Ltd have been compiling maps and directions for all the best rides in the UK, why not add your favourite ride or check out new places kick your heels up...

As much as we all love our local riding routes, sometimes when the summer sun creeps in, the great, wide-open countryside of the UK beckons us all to come and explore with our equine friends. We’re blessed in the UK to have so many beautiful rides right on our doorstep, so if you have a horsebox we highly recommend doing a little adventuring this summer and trying out some of these simply awe-inspiring routes!

Pennine Bridleway
In the North, the Pennine Bridleway starts at Kirkby Stephen, before it meanders through the epic open views of the Yorkshire Dales, skirts the majestic forest of Bowland and eventually ends up traversing the gentle green hills of the peak district. If you’re riding this route near the Peak District, then try to choose a clear day – the views from the hills can be simply spectacular, whether you’re admiring azure reservoirs, dainty market towns or miles of beautiful farmland.

South Downs Way
This trail tumbles along parallel to the south coast of England, and offers a gentle walk along soft ground for your horse, combined with plenty of long runs suitable for a free-spirited gallop! If you enjoy the whole route it might take a few days to complete, but you’d be able to explore the entire length of the incredible South Downs National Park as it snakes from Winchester down to Eastbourne on the coast. If you get a good day, there will be a fantastic sea view to accompany this ride.

Norfolk Coast Path
If you want fantastic sights to see on your ride then you’ll need to head over to the Norfolk coast path – you’ll feel like an extra in a Lord of the Rings movie as you trot along the tops of coastal cliffs on an enormous scale, and if you dare to peek over the edge you’ll be greeted with white sandy beaches and fresh, crystal ocean!

Holkham Bay
Holkham bay is often described as an ‘endless’ beach, which means it’s simply unbeatable if you’re looking to gallop at full pelt along soft breaking ocean waves. This beach is often extremely calm and empty, so if you want somewhere where you can just let your energy go for a few hours, there’s miles just waiting to be eaten up here!

Isle of Skye
The Isle of Skye is a long drive away for many of us, but this is possible the most breath-taking, stunning landscape in the whole of the UK. Based in the North of Scotland, this little land offers jagged, spiked peaks, glistening lakes and forests scattered with lush, green pines. Your horse will come back from this adventure feeling reconnected to his wild roots!

We would love to hear what you think, do you agree with our list? What’s your favourite UK ride? 

Written by Likit at 13:30, 08 April 2014


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