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Well October has been and gone in a flash, the clocks have changed (though we forgot to change ours) and the nights are getting darker earlier, we had a light frost last night so winter is well and truly on the way.  I had a fabulous trip to The Horse of the Year Show down at the NEC in Birmingham earlier in October with mum and dad and we saw some amazing showjumping and riding. We watched all the pony show jumping classes and saw how it really should be done!! The highlight of our trip was watching the Tag Puissance on the Saturday night, it was truly amazing watching the riders tackle the big red wall.  The atmosphere was electric. We were lucky enough to be staying at the Hilton Metropole at the NEC and it was exciting seeing some of the famous riders who were also staying there.

Here's a pic of Dad and I outside the hotel...
Lucy Oct1

I had been looking forward to my October school holidays so much, I had a 3 day show planned with my new 14.2hh pony Lucky but sadly on the fifth day of my holidays I broke my collar bone- I had been helping my mum "back" Dusty one of our home bred youngsters. Dusty is about 16.2hh, 3yrs old and palomino in colour. We had done a few weeks of long reining, biting and lunging and I was enjoying helping and learning as this was the first horse I had ever seen started.  It was quite a thrill as I have known Dusty from birth and I was even there when she was born as Mum and Dad woke me up in the middle of the night to witness her arrival.  It was such a marvellous proud feeling sitting on her newly backed and riding her round the arena!  Unfortunately on day 5 of her ridden work she had a very quick spook at something and I came crashing off, flying through her ears and landing hard on my shoulder resulting in a trip to A and E where x rays confirmed I had a broken collar bone. The rest of my holidays were spent with my my arm in a sling and being rather bored and very sorry for myself.
Lucy Oct2

And here's one of Dusty and I on the dreaded day I broke my collar bone
Lucy Oct3

Poor wee Lucky my new 14.2hh pony has been put on holiday for a few weeks till I recover and I am able to ride.  I am so disappointed as we had several shows planned and I need all the practise I can get as moving on to a bigger 14.2hh pony from a 13.2hh pony whilst I'm only newly 12 years old is a big step. I had been enjoying attending our local SWS BS Junior Academy and getting lessons from our coach Aileen Craig and meeting up with friends.  I also received an invitation this week to attend the SWS Gala Night later in November to jump Lucky in the "6 fence challenge" but sadly I can't go there either as I won't be properly healed. As a result Lucky has been spending her days grazing in the field and coming into the stable in the evening, not that she is complaining!

On a brighter note all the horses are in for the winter months except the youngsters and the sight and sound of them all munching on their haylage is awesome.  I had great fun day hanging all my Likit toys in the stable for them to play with.  Lucky is very Lucky indeed and is particularly partial to the new GRASS flavour LIKIT  but she hasn't quite got the hang of her Tongue Twister as every time it turns she jumps to the back of her stable!! She is however very clever with her Boredom Breaker as she pushes it against the wall to stop it from moving so she can eat it.

Lucy Oct4

I'm back at school now and being teased about my broken collar bone though it's a great excuse to get out of PE, hockey and writing! I have an x ray on Thursday 13th November to see if everything is ok and I'm hoping to get the all clear and be able to get my arm out the sling and start doing more. Fingers crossed that I can ride soon.

I do apologise if my Oct blog is somewhat short - I can confirm that broken bones are no fun at all.

Happy riding everyone! 
Love Lucy, Lucky and the broken collar bone. Xxx

Written by Lucy Rennie, #teamlikit at 14:00, 17 November 2014
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