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November has been a very quiet month for me as my broken collar bone meant I was pretty much laid up. I did some really boring jobs in the house like tidying my bedroom and sorting my clothes and my wardrobes out - yuck!!

My hospital appointment was on the 13th November and I was very nervous about getting re x-rayed. Luckily my broken bone has healed well and the doctor gave me the all clear to start riding again although he warned me of the dangers of falling off again and damaging it further.

Lucky, my pony has been brought back into work and we enjoyed some hacking to get both her and my fitness back on track. We had fun riding through the woods and lanes near home and enjoyed a trip to the beach which she loves, though she was so keen she almost pulled my arms out their sockets! Mum came with me on her horse, it was hilarious as she fell off in the water when her horse fell when he stumbled and she got soaked from head to toe!!!! Luckily I had my school PE kit with us and she squeezed into it to drive us home (not pretty) but not before we had to call out the AA as the keys were soaked and would not start the lorry. All in all it was a disastrous trip!!! This is Lucky and I moments before Mum fell off...


On 18th November a local show centre Morris Equestrian had a Geoff Billington, International Show Jumper demonstration which was very good. He is a very, very funny man and had the crowd in stitches. He had three horses he rode and finished with his good horse jumping a huge track of 150/160cm. He was very easy to understand and I had a great evening. He even managed to make the boring flatwork sound fun! Here is a photo of me with him after the demo, he is tiny, Lol!!!


My first show after my broken collar bone was at Muirmill Equestrian Centre's Club Show where Lucky jumped two classes, it was great to be back in the saddle and she did me proud by winning both her classes. She is a lovely pony but we were both a bit rusty after our few weeks off. I am hoping to get lots of riding and perhaps a few lessons in the Christmas holidays as I haven't got to know her that well yet.


Sadly I missed my Junior Academy Team show in November and also the South West Scotland Area Gala night as they were both pre entry / invite and I didn't enter as we were unsure if I was going to be ready to ride in time or not. We went to the Gala night to watch and we saw some great jumping but the highlight of the night for me was watching the Hairy’s Grand National (lots of little hairy ponies and their riders riding bareback and the ponies racing round the arena flat out and jumping small brush fences.) It was hilarious!! There were lots of thrills and spills and probably a few sore riders the following morning.

December is going to be a busy month with lots of school commitments, pantomimes and parties. We have lots of Christmas Show jumping planned, a Christmas Derby and a puissance. I'm looking forward to my Christmas holidays and spending time with my family and friends. Don't tell Lucky but I have bought her a LIKIT selection box for Christmas!! Merry Christmas everyone.

Love Lucy and Lucky xx

Written by Lucy Rennie, #teamlikit at 12:00, 05 December 2014
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