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Hi from Lucy, Monty and Sully, July has been another busy month with the ponies, my goodies from Team Likit arrived just in time for me going to BS Junior Academy camp.
Lucy July 1

Junior Academy camp was fab, we learned loads and had great fun! Here are Monty and Sully in their temporary stables at camp...
Lucy July 2Lucy July 3

Monty was second at the show on the final day of camp and Sully had an unfortunate 4 fts in the jump off.
Lucy July 4Lucy July 5

Both ponies had a few days off when we came home, then we went to a local agricultural show and had a fab day winning 5 rosettes between the ponies and Sully won a gorgeous trophy.
Lucy July 6

Next week we are off to the Scottish Home Pony at Morris Equestrian Centre with the ponies to stay over for 4 days.  I'm so excited, I love packing the caravan. I thinks it's going to be great fun with family, friends, jumping, a pipe band, talent show, discos, live entertainment, bucking bronco, bouncy castle etc....😄😄😄😄😄 Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather, happy riding!!

Written by #teamlikit, Lucy Rennie at 14:00, 28 July 2014


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