Horseboarding - surfing without getting wet!

546957_192417240947207_1929503239_nHorseboarding was started in 2009 by Daniel Fowler Prime and is now a fully sponsored championship!

What does Horseboarding involve?
A horse tows a board rider on a mountain board over 100m head to head drag race, or a timed arena course where teams have to negociate a course of gates full of twists and turns. 

Is Horseboarding Safe?

The rope is a fully static rope with a panic release clipped attached to a saddle harness so once the boarder lets go (or falls) the rope can be released immediately. The saddle harness goes around the tree of the saddle with a D ring at the back and combined with a breast plate makes sure any weight cromes from the front, like a driving harness, to prevent any kind of pull on the back, although when the board is moving the boarder feels completely weightless with riders often checking to see if their boarder is still in tow!

1476356_200613330127598_1612353427_nHow fast can you go?
With top speeds recorded at 37mph this sport is not for the faint hearted and is perfect for all those partners and friends that are sick of you spending so much time at the horse!  For safety, the boarders generally wear as much padding as possible including helmets, knee/shin pads, full sleeve body armour and impact shorts, but the nutters amongst them secretly want the 'spank of the year' award at the end of season party. 

How do I get involved?

Horseboarding have team coordinators all over the UK who can we found on their website. So if you want to get involved check out their website and for up to date information and live feeds from the rounds follow them on Facebook or Twitter or follow your favourite team's page on Facebook.

Have you ever heard of Horseboarding?  Have you tried it?  We would love to hear what you think.. 

Written by Likit, Horseboardinguk at 15:00, 17 April 2014


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