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We have had a fairly busy few weeks, and to start off July Yeti and I were selected to jump in the National Area Teams to represent BS Area 35. This competition was a direct qualifier to Scope Festival and was held at Wales and West. Unfortunately my team didn’t have a great day - I contributed to this when I hit the deck and ended up with a nice stain on my white breeches! There was a big audience so it was very embarrassing to say the least, but I left the arena with a smile, as did Yeti who was probably quite pleased with herself because she only had to jump half of the course! This is only the third time I have ever fallen off her at a competition in 6 years, but hey – if you’re going to do it you might as well do it in style!
Yeti - July

A few days later I headed to the University of Nottingham to attend a Vetsim course, where I had a great time and met lots of new people. I was there for 4 days so Yeti enjoyed a break and a chance to chill out. When I came home on 10th July, Padmay was given the go-ahead to be ridden again as her wound had fully healed. She has now been back in work for a couple of weeks and is doing really well. I think she benefitted from having 2 weeks off as she had been very busy during the few months we have had her and she appreciated some time to relax.

On 11th July we took Tommy to a Mini One Day Event with his little jockey Evan, where he went clear in the show jumping but unfortunately had a few navigational problems in the cross country so he didn’t get placed. But I am over the moon  to see Tommy fit and healthy and out competing again.
Tommy July

Since my last blog the horses have been taking full advantage of all the Likit Treats & Toys. It is very much appreciated by both myself and my horses!! They are spoilt for choice with the huge variety of toys and flavours! During this hot weather the horses sweat a lot so they are always given electrolytes in their feed to replace the salts which are lost through sweating, but after reading the interesting post from Breen Sport Horses we decided to try also giving the Likit Electro-bar before and after exercise which is another, more tastier way of replacing the salts. We have seen a significant improvement from Yeti – when she is competing in hot weather she can be quite lethargic and seems to be tired. But since having the Electro-bar she has been her usual self and is much more forward when jumping, so thank you Likit!

On 15th July I took Yeti to Summerhouse. It was very hot and humid, so we decided to just do the  90cm, which she won with a time 8 seconds faster than the runner up! A few days later on 20th July we took Yeti down to Weston-super-Mare to jump in 2 classes which qualified for the Amateur Regional Finals - Yeti has already qualified in both of these classes. We came home with a 2nd and a 1st. Yeti jumped her socks off despite the heat – again, thanks to the Likit Electro-bars!
Yeti July - Electro

To finish the month, on 25th July I had a lesson on Padmay with my trainer, Ernest Dillon. This was Padmay’s first time jumping since her injury but she took it all in her stride and jumped really well. I gave Ernest a bag of Likit Snaks for his horse, as well as donating some to a fundraiser for the Society for the Welfare of Horses and Ponies in Monmouth.
Padmay Ernest July

From 28th July – 1st August I am on work experience at a large animal veterinary practice so there will be no competitions for us during this week! We are taking Padmay to a BS show on 3rd August and I have a lesson with Paul Crago (Level 3 UKCC Coach) on 6th August  which I am really looking forward to. Yeti’s next show will be the Amateur Finals at Wales and West, 8th – 10th August. Padmay will be going too. We also have other various BS shows throughout August.  GCSE results day is on 21st August so when I write my next blog I will have found out my results, eeek!!

I hope everyone is enjoying the sun and the summer holidays!

Gaby x




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