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Well I've been in the United States for 2 months and it's been such an amazing experience so far. Everyone here at Delaware Valley College PA has been so accommodating and I feel so lucky to be on such a beautiful campus.


I've been truly grabbing every opportunity I've been given, including joining the Equine Vaulting Society which is a completely new sport to me but I've enjoyed it so much and have so far avoided falling off! On Sunday 19th of October I was lucky enough to attend Visions Vaulting in New Jersey and put what ive been practising every week at the club into practice on a horse. It was a little nerve wracking hanging upside down on a moving horse, you suddenly realise just how far off the ground you are! I was vaulting on a lovely 'little' (in vaulting terms at least) mare belle who was wonderfully patient as I scrambled around on her back. I've completely fallen in love with this sport and look forward to improving as much as I can whilst I'm here and hopefully it's something I can pursue once I'm home.

Freya Sept1Freya Sept3Freya Sept4

As part of the curriculum here I also take twice weekly riding classes and I feel my riding has improved so much with the help of the wonderful instructors they have here, I've been so incredibly lucky to ride some amazing horses here, some of which have definitely challenged me in many ways.

I look forward to updating you more regularly now everything has truly kicked off as it were and I already have a full schedule of jumping shows to get cracking with once I'm home with Immi!

Thanks Freya 

**Important: Freya was under expert tuition when practicing vaulting, please do not try to recreate these movements at home.  We would always recommend you wear a protective riding helmet when working with your horse or pony.

Written by Freya Rooke, #teamlikit at 10:00, 24 October 2014


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