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I can’t quite believe that as i write this my time in the USA is coming to an end, i’ve learned so many invaluable lessons during my time here and met the most amazing people who i hope to remain life long friends with. Horse wise this has been an extremely busy month for me with my final riding assessments at college and our vaulting display it has certainly been go go go! However i did manage to squeeze in a quick sightseeing trip to New York city which was a phenomenal experience in its self, of course i can’t ever go very far without making new pony friends. So i found myself in times square spending a good 15 minutes petting and saying hello to some lovely police horses, they were even treated to an english polo mint which they seemed to greatly appreciate, unfortunately i didn’t have any Likits on me though I’m sure they’d have loved to sample them. It was amazing to see these horses completely unfazed by all the traffic and commotion around them, doing their job.

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I’ve been taking riding classes all semester as part of my course and all that hard work culminated in a dressage test and a showjumping round which we were graded and assessed on. I’ve been fortunate enough to have ridden and worked with a lovely Zangersheide gelding called Adonis and he certainly did me proud in both these aspects, I’m not a natural dressage rider by any means but I’ve worked very hard this semester to improve and do my best and we came out with an impressive (for me) 67.8% in our test and ended up winning our section which was a big confidence boost for me as its certainly an aspect of ridding I have always struggled with. the show jumping round went brilliantly and we pulled off nice, calm and clean double clear in a good time, this was despite the fact that in the warm up Adonis was convinced that the flowers under the fences were going to eat him!

Our end of semester Vaulting display was a great success and it was great to see the teams hard work and dedication all come together i loved every minute of trying this new sport and I was incredibly proud to achieve my stand un-aided and my shoulder hang at both walk and trot which are very advanced moves and I’ve worked really hard to get these moves. I also had my first experience of vaulting at canter which certainly added a whole new dimension of difficulty to everything but hopefully I can continue vaulting once I’m home and this is something I can work on.

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Immi is doing really well at home she’s been at Dressage Boot Camp and has been getting some very good results with her rider, its been pretty disruptive for her on the yard and her Likit toys have once again proved invaluable to keeping her occupied she’s a very stressy mare and the change in routine has been particularly hard on her this year. I can’t wait to get home and then we can really crack on with her show jumping and maybe just a bit of dressage here and there…….
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Written by Freya Rooke, #teamlikit at 13:30, 10 December 2014


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