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Thank you very much for the Likit treats and toys that you sent for Christmas, I took them accross to Hope Pastures Sanctuary, Leeds.  Please see below some photos from my afternoon at the sanctuary.
photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 4
I met the yard manager who showed us round and introduced me and mum to some very cute characters including a lovely mare and her foal who enjoyed some of the goodies we took. We also met permanent resident Trigger a colored cob who is an extremely impressive 40 years old! They were extremely grateful of the Likit toys and treats that you sent, I also took some Likit Treat Bars/Likit Snaks along with rugs, head-collars, bridles etc. that I no longer have use for. It was nice to see that the rescue ponies and donkeys will have a nice Christmas too this year, mum nearly brought home a cheeky little black Shetland who looked like a mini Sebastian but he had just been re-homed!
Don't worry my Sabastian and Cash were not forgotten about, here's a photo of Sebastian enjoying his Selection Box and a video of him demolishing a Likit!
photo 5

We spent Monday at the lameness clinic with Cash where he was nerve blocked and given some cortisone injections. He will now have a further 2 weeks off work and then I will slowly bring him back in to work with fingers crossed that he recover well and in time for the British Dressage Regionals in February.

Thank you once again for your generosity, all the best for the new year,
Eden-Maia x


Written by Eden-Maia Shackleton, #teamlikit at 13:30, 16 January 2015


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