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sian1Every year, BETA holds a fantastic 3-day trade show at the N.E.C in Birmingham to introduce new equine and canine services to the general public, livery owners, breeders and more.

This year, the exhibition was held on February 17-19th and as promised was as jam packed as the previous years. Hundreds of exhibitors turned out to showcase their exciting new developments and ideas for the coming year.

As part of the 3-day experience of BETA, some ETN Innovation Awards are awarded to various businesses and equestrians.

The panel of judges for these awards was made up of a fantastic array of equestrians. Course designer Ian stark was one, along side Eventer Nicola Wilson, Veterinary Surgeon Tom Beech, former Groom for William Fox-Pitt Jackie Potts and Paralympic gold-medalist rider, Natasha Baker.

The Innovation awards took place during BETA, with a special award ceremony on one of the evenings.

I would like to say a huge well done to the following who all won awards:

Feed and Supplement award: Keyflow (UK) with their Whitaker Bros Jumpmix.
Jumpmix is a scientifically formulated  fully balanced medium energy feed designed specifically for horses competing in all forms of short format jumping.

Horsecare products and equipment: Grabbit
The Grabbit is the only product on the market designed for moving rubber matting. Designed as a simple solution to a job that everyone hates. The Grabbit will effectively grab rubber matting and is great for use in stables and horseboxes.

Pet Products: Microfibre Store Ltd with their Doggy Bag
This super absorbent Doggy Bag, owners can keep their pet, home and car spotless after walks. It absorbs water, slobber, sand and mud. Simply zip your dog inside after a walk and they will dry in no time at all!

Rider Clothing: Treehouse sporting colours with their Elite Arena Jacket
The elite arena jacket is smart and stylish, all shoved in to one! This safety conscious jacket incorporates cutting-edge technology for high performance without compromising on style.

Saddlery and Tack: Stubben Riding Equipment UK & Ireland Ltd with their 2 in 1 Full Cheek Snaffle.
The 2-in-1 Full Cheek Snaffle features an innovative mouthpiece, which increases attention and concentration. The upper side of the mouthpiece features a rounder shape and provides a smoother impact on the horse's mouth.

Safety and Security: Walk Trot Canter Ltd with their USG Equiairbag.
The USG Equiairbag is designed to protect the rider's entire spinal column - from the nape of the neck to the coccyx - without restricting movement.

Country Fashion: Regatta with their Snowpak 3 in 1
This stylish and warm 3-in-1 boot is a breakthrough in footwear design. It can worn with or without the inner fleece lining and also indoors as a slipper. Water resistant!

Whilst the Innovative awards were one of huge events happening during BETA, there was also a lot more going. Walking around the building provided you with various arrays of different displays and colour as each company tried to show off what they had to offer in an individual and innovative way.

sian2The Likit Company once again showed they have what it takes to stand out from the crowd as they showcased their BRAND NEW Likit flavours which will be on offer soon. The general public had a chance to have a sniff of the new likits, long before their equine friends get their hooves on them! I finally was able to put a name to a face after arranging to meet with Lindsay from Likits. I often tell Lindsay she helps me keep Ceaser happy by providing him with his favourite Likits and telling me where to go to try the new flavours out - he's very fussy! 

Once again, the Learning Centre, sponsored by Charles Owen had a busy schedule to adhere to. As always it featured a mock yard set up which included an all-weather menage, stables and a series of cross-country fences around the outside. This fantastic set-up allowed exhibitors to show off what they had to offer whilst the public took a seat, kicked back, relaxed and watched a variety of demonstrations. 

Supreme Products were just one company showcasing their innovative products and in good time too as the showing season is just starting to get underway for many. I must remember to do my Supreme Products order soon - Ceaser just loves their body wrap (not! - it is now being fixed for the third time in 12 months!).

Just as I was walking past The Learning Centre ready to go home I was stopped in my tracks by the amazing charity that is World Horse Welfare. They were there with two gorgeous coloured ponies that I could have taken home with me there and then. In addition to those they also had two shetlands that both had cheeky characters to say the least! Please, if you can offer a horse a home then visit the World Horse Welfare's website, they have plenty of horses that need rehoming. 

If this didn't grab your attention then across the hall there was the Fashion show that took the opportunity to showcase a whole range of brand new Equestrian clothing coming on sale throughout the coming year. By the looks of it there is no excuse not to be stylish this coming season. 

Not to mention, whilst walking round I was brushing shoulders with the likes of John Whitaker, Mary King and the lovely Charlotte Dujurdan

BETA is an event that never fails to impress and as always provided me with a chance to catch up with some friends I have met through social media and companies I had promised to pop by and show my face to. Application to attend is open to all and I would urge anyone working within the equestrian sector to visit next year. Get the dates in your diary now as BETA have announced next years showcase will be from the 16th-18th February 2014. 

Written by Sian Lovatt at 08:30, 04 March 2013
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