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Hello! My name's Hannah Longmuir and I'm an animal artist from the Scottish Borders.  My weapon of choice is my pencil and using it I create drawings of all sorts of animals, including horses.

Horses have wonderful personalities!  Whether stubborn, spirited, cheeky, bossy, aloof, gentle or sociable, each has its own distinctive traits.  It's up to me to capture that personality in my drawings.

Beauman by Hannah LongmuirI have a challenge for you…I want you to produce a drawing of your horse!  You can send them into the nice people at Likit ( and they'll post your drawings on the blog.  We're looking for drawings packed with personality!

So here are some tips for Capturing Pony Personality:

  1. With horses, it's all in the ears.  Ears forward, ears flat, ears pricked, one ear up one ear down… horses communicate a lot with their ears - attentiveness, relaxation, anxiety.
  2. It's always good to have a little twinkle in the eye for a drawing!  Half closed eyes can be a sign of a happy, relaxed horse. 
  3. Horses can do wonderful things with their nostrils- flared, exhaling, twitching, affectionate nuzzling, stretched out in anticipation of grooming.
  4. The way a horse holds her head is very expressive of temperament and intention, and also of how alert she is.
  5. And last, but definitely not least, we have the teeth and the lips- those glorious rubbery lips stretched over teeth can signify a variety of intentions!  A lower lip pulled back during grooming can show pleasure, an upper lip over bared teeth can show anger.

Most of my clients prefer drawings of their horse looking happy and relaxed, unsurprisingly, but occasionally I get to draw a slightly more comedic pose, like this hungry horse...

Hungry Horse by Hannah Longmuir

You can use whatever medium you like to create your drawing.  I like to build up layers of lines using my pencil to create texture in my drawings, but you could use paint or crayons or collage or a biro!  I mostly draw from photographs (I'm not fast enough for live action) so getting a good photograph is the key for me (some tasty treats like polos or Likit treats can help the process along!). 

You can email your drawings to: or share on the Likit Facebook page.


White Horse by Hannah Longmuir



To see more of my drawings or to commission a drawing visit or 'like' my Facebook page 


We are keeping the bottom of this article free for our fans drawings, can't wait to see them...

Lorna Ward:                     Rose Lewis

Lorna Ward  Rosyposy -katiedrawing 

Rosyposy -HarryfinalyHayley Young

Rose Lewis                                  Hayley Young

Harriet Smith 14  Jenny PetArtist Deakin  Karen Young
Harriet Smith, 14                 Jenny Deakin Pet Artist                                  Karen Young

Emily May3  Rebekah Adshead  Stacy Green

Emily May                                                   Rebekah Adshead              Stacy Green

Written by Hannah Longmuir at 10:00, 12 July 2013


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