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toby-kiss-2So who is Hannah Dawson?  Hannah has over 20 years riding experience and started learning alternative training methods at a young age, gaining her Parelli level 2 at just 12 years old! She has honed her training method drawing on a number of different techniques including Monty Roberts, Parelli, Australian Natural Horsemanship.  Since starting using clicker training for her horses in 2004, she hasn't looked back, impressed with the bond it creates, as well as the willingness and enthusiasm to work, it is now the basis of all Hannah's training.

Here at Likit we love hearing of new ways to help improve the relationship between horse and rider and clicker training seems to be a really fun and rewarding way to achieve this goal. 

murphy-clean-table2If you have never heard of clicker training visit Hannah's webpage to find out more.  In simple terms when your horse or pony performs a task correctly you click and reward and here's where Likit come in....  We sent Hannah out Likit Snaks to try as we thought they might be a good fit for Clicker Training and Hannah agreed as they are small enough to reward frequently but tasty enough to be worth the effort!

Before getting into more complex training techniques Hannah will show you some fun 'tricks' that anyone can train their horse or pony to do, these are a great way to keep your horse entertained, especially when stabled. 

Here's a short video to wet your appetite and show just how helpful your horses can be :)...

In our next blog Hannah will teach you some simple tricks that you can try out with your horse or pony and we would love to see the results...

Written by Hannah Dawson at 10:00, 05 July 2013


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