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FarrierOver the last few years Likit have built up a close relationship with Fred & Rowena Cook of Equine Management & Training who are specialists in Backing, Schooling & Training + racehorse retraining. As you can imagine they deal with a number of different personalities on their yard and as such they have found some novel uses for Likit Products.  One such use is helping to settle horses and ponies that fidget when they need to stand still, here's a little story about how Likits have helped one horse in particular called Carli...

"Despite the fast work of our farrier we have 2 horses which, by the time hind shoes are nailed on, start to fidget purely because they are bored with the process, making the task harder and more protracted.

Our Farrier, Nick Forryan DipWCF explains; "Charli is a great character, very cheeky and very active. Standing still is most definitely not his fortay; he gets fed up very quickly so by the time we come to nail on and clench up behind he's rather bored by proceedings and becomes a real fidget; the job takes twice if not three times as long. He's not being naughty, it's just the way he is. By giving him a LIKIT to keep him occupied we can get the job done quickly and safely without Charli becoming fractious andrisking damage to himself, me or my apprentices."

Rowena adds "By offering them a LIKIT they are kept suitably occupied, the job is done, farrier, horse and ourselves are happy - what could be easier?  Thank you LIKIT for a great range of extremely beneficial products."

If you have found Likits of benefit in novel situations we would love to hear from you!

To find out more about Fred and Rowena Cook & their business Equine Management & training, please visit their website

Written by Likit at 09:30, 30 April 2013


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