The winners for our Caption Competition are...

Mini with SnaksCongratulations to our five lucky winners:

Jodi Gregg with "they told me if I would do this photoshoot and did my best oober cute pose I would get my lips round this WHOLE bag of treats...That was a week and a half ago!"

Frankie Nisbet with "So you buy me a cherry likit then eat it yourself, now you buy me some likit snaks and hide them from you'll steal my paddock likit!"

Rebecca Bartley with "I thought the game was `pin the tail on the Donkey!!"

Wendy Wattiez with"Mmm Likit…bon quand ma maitresse aura fini de me ridiculiser, il va falloir que j'aille rejoindre les potes au « Likit anonyme »… oui, je l'avoue, je suis Likit Addict, pas vous?"

Carmen Peach with "Carolyn is always playing the 'Who Am I' game with me...Am I edible?..Am i famous?...Am I a Racehorse?...."

We would love to hear which of the above is your favourite, please post your comments below...

Written by Likit at 11:00, 15 November 2012


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