Is your horse up to the challenge?

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A stabled horse can easily become bored or stressed, which can impact on everything from his digestive health to his performance, and can lead to behavioural issues and vices. However, a recent trial in the USA has shown stable toys can help keep horses occupied and engaged.  Researchers gave a group of chronic crib biters Likit stable toys to investigate, and found that the Tongue Twister reduced cribbing activity by 27%.

How can Likits help my horse?
It's been proven that environmental enrichment works best when horses are challenged by changes in their environment, and the Likit Challenge system grades products according to ease of use, so it's simple to find the right one for your horse. 

Is your horse on the right level of challenge?Cherry Likit Holder Loose
Remember that your horse's needs may change as the he/she becomes more experienced and you may need to increase the level of challenge over time.  Most Likit users will start with the Likit Holder, which is designed to be easy for your horse to use, it's important that they are not over-challenged, just like if you are training your horse to jump, you start low before gradually increasing the height or you risk over-facing them too early.  Some horses will find the Likit Holder suitable for long term use whilst others may start to cosume the Likits too quickly and need to move onto a more challenging toy.  We have developed a simple Product Selector tool if you are new to Likits or simply wish to check if your horse is on the right level of challenge.

To read more about the Likit Challenge System and the different levels of challenge offered within the Likit product range, click here.



Written by Likit at 10:21, 14 December 2012


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