Electrolyte Energy Bar

The Electrolyte Energy Bar

Used by top showjumper Daniel Neilson

Tongue Twister

Tongue Twisterrific!

Reduce cribbing by up to 27%!

Likit Paddock

What would your pony choose?

The new longer lasting Paddock Likit


The Likit Challenge System

Is your horse up to the Likit Challenge?


Which Likit Product?

Our handy Product Selector can help.

Likit Products is an innovative and fun company designed to explore new products and Ideas to improve the lives of our furry friends

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    17 Apr
    Horseboarding - surfing without getting wet!

    Finally a sport we can get our non-horsey partners and friends involved in! Horseboarding was started in 2009 by Daniel Fowler Prime and is now a fully sponsored championship. It involves a horse towing a board rider on a mountain board over 100m head to head drag race, or a timed arena course where teams have to negociate a course of gates full of twists and turns.  Interested?  Read on...
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    08 Apr
    Most Beautiful Rides in the UK

    As much as we all love our local riding routes, sometimes when the summer sun creeps in, the great, wide-open countryside of the UK beckons us all to come and explore with our equine friends. Read on to find out more about some of the most beautiful rides to add your bucket list... 
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