Tutu Showjumping is a thing!

Hello May!

The month that summer shows really kick off, the sun is shining and horses summer coats are really starting to make an appearance!

We had such a busy April with shows and pony club filling up the calendar, including taking part in a tutu showjumping competition.

Here’s Harpers take on the day –

“Last week we did tutu showjumping. Tutu showjumping is where you wear a tutu for a show jumping competition on a horse. My friends pony was poorly so I let her borrow Dan Dan for the poles on the floor class, they did great! Next I did the jumping class, I did it all by myself just with mummy running near us. I didn’t need any help! I did fabulous! I would love to go tutu showjumping again!”

May is another busy month with lots of pony club and shows planned for Harper and Dan Dan.

Buzzard, will be getting ridden away so Harper will be hopefully taking him showing and to some pony club days very soon!

We will be making a visit to the Royal Windsor Show which we are all very excited about – well apart from the 5 hour drive to get there!