It’s all fun & games…

It’s official. Spring is here. The sun is making more of an appearance again, summer coats are starting to come through, the grass is growing and the battle of keeping the ponies looking slim begins!

I’m so excited for everything that’s coming up! The calendar is filling up quickly with plenty of Pony Club and showing dates along with many pony adventures.

This month I will be representing our Pony Club team on the under 10s games team at a friendly competition.

(Halloween Pony Club Games)

Games is something that never used to come naturally to Dan Dan. There was a time that he found it utterly terrifying! We’ve had to work really hard to “bombproof” him to everything that crops up at games and even though he has some more hurdles to overcome to get a spot on the team is so exciting!

I think it’s time to get creative and see what we can create at home to replicate things we might see in competition to get him ready for his team debut!