Hidden Talents…

Hi everyone hope your have all had a fab month!

Me and Bella have been going on hacks with my mum a lot this month and exploring around , Bella has been completely boom proof on all our adventures 🙂

This month I have gained a few new hobbies such as archery and drawing, I wouldn’t say im a pro at either 😂

So far I have drawn me and Bella, Toto, an iron man helmet, a frog and more…

Some of the techniques I use stippling , pointillism , cross hatching , hatching , smudge , tonal shading and with archery i have ago on the weekends and have some fun!

Likit have spoilt me and Bella with sending us Little Likits and a jumper which is the comfiest thing ever!

The weather has/was amazing! Bella has enjoyed going down to the river and having a splash its a very nice change to rain🌞only to fine that the week after we had snow, Not so great😂

Bye guys ! (: