Happy Birthday Abby!

March is my birthday month which always makes it super exciting! This year I finally turned 18 🤪

In terms of shows we’ve been quite quiet and only had one show so I have been practicing all my different movements from the tests I’ll need to compete with at the end of the month and in April.

The 10 meter circle:
I get quite tired during 10 metre circles as they require balance and consistency. With Zak being very big and me being quite unbalanced, these are definitely something I need to work on. To start, I have been using a neck strap to hold when turning so that my hand has consistent pressure, and I can keep my balance at the same time.

The rein back:
Our rein backs definitely don’t win any awards for being pretty. Unfortunately we often come out looking like a giraffe, or Zak decides to do a turn on the forehand..🤣 I have been working on getting him to drop his head before I ask so that he is more willing to move back. I’m also experimenting with different ways to ask…

Zak and I competed at the Dressage South Africa challenge at the end of the month which was an exhausting 3-day event! Overall we came home with pleasing marks and we can really start to see improvements!