Freya Rooke, 20, Brighton

Freya Rooke

Name: Freya Rooke 
Name of horse(s): Baltic Imagination (Immi to her friends)
Discipline: Showjumping

How old were you when you got your first pony/horse and what do you remember about him/her?
I was 18 when I brought my first horse, I had saved up for two years to buy her, by working at a fast food chain whilst at college. She was a 7 year old 16hh irish sports horse called gem who was a real sweetie and a complete cross country machine! Unfortunately after only 4 months together she got severe impaction colic and had to be put to sleep after surgery.

Do you remember winning your first rosette and what was it for?
The first rosette I ever won was at Chestnuts Riding School, every year they held a Christmas show and me and my favourite pony Basil won first place in the fancy dress and turnout class, we dressed as a bumble bee in a flower garden

Which riders inspire you?
Although she is not a show jumper Charlotte Dujardin, is a great inspiration to me she has so much talent and to watch her and Valegro compete at the 2012 games was truly awe-inspiring as someone who hasn’t ever really been engaged in dressage she opened up a new love of the discipline for me. She is also a lovely person who is often at Hartpury college as her trainer Carl’s yard is just round the corner from us.

What is you greatest achievement to date in your chosen discipline?
I have two greatest achievements that I really cant choose between one of them is qualifying for the grand-prix at the Hand’s new year ding dong show in 2012 it was my first stay away show and Immi and I also placed every day in our classes. My second greatest achievement was jumping at the world famous Hickstead showground in both 2012 and 2013 something I had dreamed of since I was a little girl and attended the show as a spectator.

What do you hope to achieve with your horse or pony in 2014/2015?
In 2014/2015 I hope to get immi back to her full fitness, after her suffering kidney failure she has had a substantial amount of time off, then id love to jump foxhunter classes on her again aswell as qualifying and attending the Amature finals held at Aintree (something we have qualified for the last 2 years but never been able to attend)

Which Likit toys and treats do you like to use and why?
At Hartpury the horses have to be in 24/7 for a majority of the year as there is no turn out, because of this my dad brought immi a Likit Boredom Breaker as a going away present because he was really worried about her getting bored in her stable, she absolutely loves it! It keeps her amused no end, she is a very stressy highly strung horse and as such sufferes from stomach ulcers the calmer I can keep her in the stable the better it is for her. Because she loved her Boredom Breaker so much we then invested in a classic Likit Holder for her to play with in the lorry as it is over 5 hours from my home to Hartpury so this keeps her happy on the long journeys she always arrives safe and well at the other end, oh and covered in Likit!!!!!!

Finally, what piece of horsey kit could you not live without?
My Premier Equine Magnetic Boots without a doubt they are a lifesaver keeping Immi’s legs supple and stopping them swelling when stabled. They were especially vital for the 6 months she spent on stall rest whilst she was ill.

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