Emily Proud, 19, Somerset

Emily Proud

Name: Emily Proud
Name of horse(s): Schmaul (#MtheMachine), Elzas and Alfie.
Disciplines: My main discipline is Eventing. I previously only did Showing and Working Hunter pony. But now I do a bit of Showing alongside the Eventing. We also do British Dressage and BSJA over the winter to make sure the horses are ready for the eventing season!

How old were you when you got your first pony/horse and what do you remember about him/her?
I was five when I got my own pony. My mum said I wasn’t allowed my own until I could rise in trot! My first pony was called Suzi, and she taught me how to stay on very naughty ponies. She was an angel on the lead rein, but off of it all she could do was nap and buck! At the time I remember my mum being not best pleased with what she had sat her ‘little girl’ on, but we now look back on it as the best first pony we could have had as she taught me so much!

Do you remember winning your first rosette and what was it for?
I don’t remember winning my first rosette. However I do remember the first time I ever qualified for the Royal International Horse Show on a little first ridden Dartmoor called Smuggler. We were new to showing at this time having previously only done pony club, it was a huge line up and we didn’t really think we had much of a chance. However he performed brilliantly and went on to win and go champion!

Which riders inspire you?
Well…there are just so many!!  First it would be my dressage trainer- Alice Peternell. She works unbelievably hard and has an amazing talent to get ANYTHING to go well. Alice has been very unlucky I believe as she should be rich and famous for the talent she has. I love watching her ride as even the most difficult of horses are made to look easy.

Secondly Izzy Taylor: (event rider) She comes across as being very modest, despite the fact she was selected for the senior European GB squad last year (which just about says how good she really is!). I love watching her ride cross country as she makes it look so effortless. Izzy Taylor was also the only person to complete on two horses at Badminton this year- couldn’t be much more inspiring than that!!

Thirdly would be Vittoria Pannizon: (event rider). Vittoria has the most amazing position over a fence allowing the horses head and neck to move how they need to. She is also a very lovely person! (When I won the BE100 three day event at Aldon International, Vittoria won the BE100 open three day event and was kind enough to make time to congratulate me!) Apart from that she always manages to look so glamorous!

What is you greatest achievement to date in your chosen discipline?
I have been very lucky to have had a few brilliant achievements down to the fantastic horses I have/have had. However my greatest achievement to date has to be winning the KBIS BE100 National Under 18 Championships at the end of last season at Weston Park, both individually and as a team (Team Southwest).  The best part was that our team won by a massive 22 penalties!

What do you hope to achieve with your horse or pony in 2014/2015?
With Schmaul (7 year old) I am hopefully moving him up to BE Novice level shortly, with the hope of doing a 1 star at the end of the season this year. This will hopefully set us up for next year when I hope to get him up to intermediate, with the aim of then doing a 2 star. This would be a great achievement for us as a partnership as I have had him since he was 4!

Alfie: He is 26 years old. I missed showing so much this poor old boy was brought out of retirement! He didn’t much like doing nothing anyway and he is thoroughly enjoying his work! Our aim is to have as much fun as possible whilst also aiming to qualify him for the SSADL Olympia final.

Elzas: (5year old) He had been sat on a few times by the people we brought him from at the end of February this year and I then continued the backing process! My aim with him is to hopefully get him out to a BE 80 or 90 before the end of the season. This will set us up for our winter training aims and then I hope to be taking him eventing in 2015 at BE90 level, hopefully moving him up to BE100 at the end of the 2015 season.

Which Likit toys and treats do you like to use and why?
Likit holder and Snak-a-ball.
The likit holder keeps my horses occupied and entertained. When they are bored they turn to the likit holder rather than start trying to make trouble in their stables!  In the past it has been good at stopping a pony we had from cribbing on the door too.

The Snak-a-ball: This is brilliant entertainment for the horses when they are stuck in their stables a lot. We have used this on every horse we have had on box rest as not only does it keep them entertained but it also encourages them to put their heads down like they would normally be doing naturally out in the field when grazing.

Finally, what piece of horsey kit could you not live without?
My riding hat!! It has saved me on many occasions!

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