Eden-Maia Shackleton

Eden-Maia Shackleton

Name: Eden-Maia Shackleton

Age: 13

Name of pony/horse(s): Gwyllan Sebastian and Khamsin (Seb and Cash)

Disciplines competed in: Dressage  (previously showing, side saddle and some working hunter)

How old were you when you got your first pony/horse and what do you remember about him/her?
I was 3. It was a Shetland called Fern that we loaned. I remember falling off her at a big show by rolling down her neck when she stuck her head down for grass!

Do you remember winning your first rosette and what was it for?
My first rosette was on the shetland Fern at a show. We came 6th out of 7 in the Mountain and Moorland class. Thankfully my next pony Bart and I were much more successful!

Which riders inspire you?
Debbie Criddle (Para dressage rider and medal winner). I met Debbie at the BD Nationals where we chatted, she made me realize anything is possible. Also Laura Thomlinson (Bechtolshiemer). I met her parents at the Nationals and they kindly took me to Laura’s wagon which took me completely by surprise. And of course Carl and Charlotte it goes without saying, I was so inspired watching his training demo at the BD convention and have just bought Carl’s book which will be coming on the lorry with me over the summer!

What is your greatest achievement to date in your chosen discipline?
My proudest moment in dressage was representing my country last year at the BYRDS Home Internationals and wearing the England badge with pride. Hopefully one day it will be the GB badge!!   Doing my first Medium test recently is also another big achievement.

What do you hope to achieve with your horse or pony in 2014/2015?
I have already achieved some of my goals this season, one of which was highly ambitious yet we did it, which was to qualify Seb for the BD Regionals. Yippee!  My other goal was to do my first Medium level test with my new horse ‘Cash’. We did this on Monday and I came 2nd. I was very pleased and was absolutely buzzing when I came out of the dressage arena and received a huge round of applause and cheers! My future goal with my new horse Cash is to qualify for Sheepgate Under 25’s Dressage Championships and BD Winter Regionals at Medium level. After that I just want to aim as high as I can get.

Which Likit toys and treats do you like to use and why?
The Likit Boredom Breaker is fab for Seb as he is so greedy this slows him down a bit. Seb rubs his tail in the stable when bored and this helps to take his mind off things! Also the electro-bars I have found very useful for Seb as he can sometimes lack energy when we are competing. For Cash the treat bars are fab for his stretches and as a reward after schooling. I also use them for loading him as sometimes he needs a little encouragement. Cash also has a Likit holder.

Finally, what piece of horsey kit could you not live without?
Likit Treat Bars as they are so handy to carry around and as they are not loose the bar slips into the grooming bag or your pocket easily when at competitions.

Also my Mums infamous ‘bumbag’ which she wears embarrassingly at the ring side at every competition. It is a family joke now! She keeps in it a drink for me, shining cloth, Likit treats and goodness knows what else!  Mum can’t let go of our showing routes. Thank you Mum!

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