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I'm a french rider, with Baly (13yo) my thoroughbred and Ace (3yo) my Welsh pony we are a happy trio.
I've had a very excisting start to this year 2018 because I started breaking my pony, Ace.
It is such an honour to be his first rider. I get to discover his little character, he's a rascal, but is very intelligent and he's progressing quickly.
About the work of my horse Baly, it was more complicated than Ace because it rained a lot (quite uncommon in France!) and the ground is very soggy. As he's taller he slips a lot and isn't comfortable being ridden. So I have very little opportunity to ride him, but we have had a great time working the liberty.
I also made a Youtube video of the opening Likit package, she has lot a more !!

Baly and Ace were delighted to discover and test Likit toys and treats they didn't have in their collection.

Written by Capucine Poree, #teamlikit at 17:00, 20 February 2018


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