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Hey Likit Lovers, This month has been a crazy, busy, exciting and sad month for Jet, Dude and I. It started amazingly with a super run at BCA Horse Trials going double clear inside the time with Jet making everything feel tiny and jumping so confidently!
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You can check out my Day In The Life at a competition Vlog here, to see how a prepare and how it went:

Dude also had a little break as he managed to cut his leg out on a hack as apparently going backwards is sometimes more fun than forewards! He’s all healed up now and back in work but he shall hopefully be out competing again soon. Next week he is being gastrscoped to check his tummy for any ulcers as it may be the answer to how stressed and worked up he gets. But I am slowly increasing his work load to get him fit for competing.

Another exciting but sad thing that happened this month is that I have officially finished my Level 3 in Equine Management with a distinction*, which is the equivalent to three A’s at A level. I am very excited to start my HND this September at Chichester College to work towards my degree in Equine Sports Performance!
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Towards the end of the month Jet sadly fell lame due to a large splint from the hard ground and has had some x-rays done which conclude she has a chipped bone in her fetlock. She will be going in for surgery in the next few weeks to get the piece of floating bone removed and the splint tidy-ed up. The recovery is only three months in total so we should be back and ready to do some show jumping over the winter, and with some pads in her front shoes shell be grand to complete some Novice’s next season. I am not losing hope as she is a very strong and honest horse so I have no doubts that she will pull through at make a full recovery.

So at the moment I am focussing on Dude and also planning to do some Racehorse to Riding horse competitions on him as he is very handsome (if I don’t say so myself) so I think he’d take to showing quite nicely.
Maddie June 5
I shall make sure to keep you all updated on Jet and how her surgery goes, and how it goes turning Dude into a little showing horse!

Thanks for reading, Maddie  x

Written by Maddie Stout, #teamlikit at 19:00, 18 July 2017


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